Ah yes! The time is upon us, high school graduation. The time of the year when you do everything for the last time before you go off to college or the work world. It's about one month before graduation (depending on where you live in the country) and there WILL be distractions. Senioritis is in full swing, the weather is getting nicer, your AP's are over and done with, and of course, prom! Here's all I have to say, DON'T BE LAZY!!

I remember my senior year in high school. I became SUPER lazy. I still did my homework and was in class every day, but I already knew I was going to ODU by this point in 2014. I was accepted into ODU, my AP Physics exam was over and I was so done with high school. I just wanted to go to all of my senior week events, go to prom and not trip on the graduation stage. Instead, take this time and finish strong! Whether you are accepted or not, colleges still reserve the right to reject you if they feel it is necessary. So, finish out your final year on a high note academically.

When it comes to all of the fun stuff that seniors get to do towards the end of the year do as much as possible! You never know what may happen and what memories will be made. I remember going to a Yankees game, a bonfire and so many more events that made the end of the year so much more special! It's easy to be petty at this point in your high school career. You've spent countless hours with people you or may not like and now I'm telling you to go ahead and spend that much more time with them? Well, maybe not specifically them, but at least hang out with your friends.

Just make sure you have as much (legal) fun as possible! Smile and pose for the pictures that your parents want to take of you. It sucks, but do it for them. As much as the end of your high school career is about you, it is also about your family and friends. Have some fun with them as your high school career winds down. Enjoy your last shining moments class of 2017! Best of luck to your future endeavors!