10 Reasons To Keep Your High School Best Friends
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10 Reasons To Keep Your High School Best Friends

They know you better than you know yourself.

10 Reasons To Keep Your High School Best Friends

You know that cliche saying, "Friends are like stars: you don't always see them but you always know they're there?" Well it's true, and especially with your high school friends. Even though you go to different schools, have new friends, and are having complete withdrawals from each other, they are always just a text away when you need something. Here are ten reasons why you're high school friends are important to keep around, no matter the distance.

1. They know you better than you know yourself.

Need help with a boy? They'll help hype you up and tell you to send that snapchat. Failing a class? They put you in check while encouraging you at the same time. They've got answers for questions you didn't even know you had.

2. They're getting hit just as hard by freshman year as you are.

Not going to lie, as a freshman, sometimes it seems like you're tied down to the train-tracks of college and classes, professors and other students have complete permission to run right over you. With your high school friends, you don't have to face it alone because they're getting hit by the exact same train.

3. They have your back.

You mess with one, you get us all. We're the first ones ready to fight if somebody is treating one of our group badly.

4. Their stories are just as embarrassing as yours.

So what I ran out of the chapel (filled with students) on the first day because I almost peed my pants? I got a text later saying one fainted in ballet class and the other fell down the dining hall steps.

5. Listening is their forte.

House Party has become our new best friend because we get to tell everyone our problems at one time.

6. Christmas break is a little less boring.

You may think like a month off of school is awesome, but after only Netflixing, eating and sleeping on the first week, you're ready to do something. High school best friends are the one you do it with.

7. You want to be a kid again? Hit that group chat up.

College is hard and sometimes, you just want to act like a kid again. My high school friends are always down to go to the park or ride bikes, and they do it without a complaint.

8. They're your reality check when everyone else is scared to be.

Your new friends might not know you well enough to tell you that boy you're talking to is a jerk or that it's your fault you didn't study enough for the exam, but not your high school friends. You've been around to long to lose each other, so speaking the truth is fair game.

9. Their college is your college.

It's our mission to visit each other's schools and show the others a good time at our own: new friends, different sights, better food, girl time, etc.

10. They've seen you at your best and worst; they have no reason to leave now.

Maybe not everything is peachy keen, but we've been through way too much together to give up now. Through the fights, accomplishments and everything in between, we still plan on being side by side at each other's weddings.

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