This is probably an unpopular opinion if you’re still in high school or you just graduated, but high doesn’t matter at all. When I say that I’m not trying to discount all the friends I made or my experiences because I love my high school squad. I’m saying who you were in high school, what club you were president of or how popular you were does not matter.

I’m not living my life in the past — I’m just living. I’ve done stupid things like everyone has and I’ve honestly wondered what people think of me when I come back into my high school town. Does any of it really matter? Does it matter that I kissed that boy back in the fall of my senior year or that I had an ongoing conflict with some girl in my class? Not really. High school is petty and you’re petty, too if your high school years are long gone and you’re still all caught up in that sh*t.

I’m here for reminiscing and thinking about the good days when I didn’t have a worry in the world about finals and I always slept a good seven to eight hours a night. I love the senior year days where I didn’t have any homework and I never studied. I miss my class of 2016 homies and weekly senior skip days at the beach, but I’m not living in the past. I loved my high school experiences for what they were. I learned to not let people walk all over me and to just have fun. High school taught me not to care and boy, I used to care. I worried about what every single person thought of me, I apologized for everything and cared about stupid things. The day I graduated was one of the happiest days of my life and it was #relatable to say you hated high school, but I never did. I’m not stuck there either — I moved on with my life.

I'm not saying there is a right way to go about things either. Go to college if you want or don’t. It’s whatever. But, move on because high school is four years and it really doesn’t matter that much. Whether you’re in high school, in college, working or an adult this all applies to you, life is a series of events and you shouldn’t be stuck in one chapter.

Thanks for all the memories, THS class of 2016. I know all of you are kicking butt out there in the world.