6 Ways To Say 'hey' On Tinder That Won't Make You Look Boring
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6 Ways To Say 'hey' On Tinder That Won't Make You Look Boring

You had me at hello

6 Ways To Say 'hey' On Tinder That Won't Make You Look Boring
Priscilla Du Preez

I downloaded Tinder solely to make me laugh; I can't say this is true for everyone, but it is for me. I think it's absolutely hilarious when people send you weird things that make you uncomfortable but also somehow make you giggle at the same time. So whether you're using Tinder for laughs, hookups, friendships or romantic relationships, there's no reason why you can't send funny responses to strange questions or comments people send you.

1. "Hey hey"

Okay, I don't know about all of you, but the first thing that came to my mind was Fat Albert, so I immediately responded with "if you added one more hey I could've responded with 'it's fat albert'". Maybe I could've responded with hey hey hey or heyyyyyy or some other form of hello, but this one was funny.


So what you send here has the potential to make or break the conversation. If you send "heyyy" or something similar back, you're bound for the awkward small talk. If you send something a little out there, there's a chance you might scare the person off. I've found the best bet is to send a gif. And my go to gif is typically Jimmy Fallon throwing a piece of hay saying "hayyyyyy", a gif of an animal, or one of the perfect Audrey Hepburn.

3. "Hey there beautiful"

I still haven't figured out the best way to respond to this, but I hate saying something along the lines of "thanks" or "you're not so bad looking yourself". I typically reply with the famous line from the 1975 movie Taxi Driver , "you talking to me?". Which either makes people really uncomfortable and unmatch with me or laugh. Hey I'm not perfect, but you have to admit it's one of the better replies to send.

4. "Hello. How are you today?"

This is nice of you to ask, but the small talk is so annoying and awkward that I just get tired of these messages. So, if you're like me, respond with something along the lines of "I'm good, but I'm in the middle of a crisis that I need your help with.

Would you rather be a chicken nugget or a chicken tender?" That's bound to get the conversation going or to get another person to unmatch you. Still makes for a great laugh though. (And if they respond why you asked the question say, "you can never trust a nugget").

5. "Have we met before?"

There are some people who like to ask this seriously because they swipe right on people they know and then there are some people who ask this cause they're trying to just get a conversation started because in all actuality they aren't that interesting. The best response to this is either "no", "no hablo ingles" or just simply unmatching them.

6. "Which one are you?" (In response to questions about group pictures)

You know the people who only have group pictures in their tinder bio? Or the ones who have a majority of their pictures as group pictures? Or the people who have their first picture as a group picture and the person is too lazy to actually look through the rest of the pictures to see which person you are?

No matter what the answer is, send a smart ass response because if the person feels the need to ask, they deserve it. A great response is "I'm the girl" (if you're a girl and the picture is of a bunch of girls). Or if the picture is outside, "I'm the green, leafy thing in the background."

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