A Heuristic Some Humans Cannot Avoid

I would like to start off by informing you that I am a sophomore in college majoring in Elementary Special Education and a minor in Psychology. I am currently in an advanced psychology class and my professor gave me a great opportunity to stretch my mind. Based off of knowledge he had given me he gave me the task to come up with a heuristic that was not mentioned or created by famous psychologists. I researched the others and created this human heuristic on my own.

A heuristic I have created within the world of psychology, someone who seeks perfection. What I mean by that is, some people tend to try and tie all of the heuristics known to man together and be that person. They try to over achieve in simply being a human being. These people mentally exhaust themselves every day because they are constantly searching for the right variation of human kind of every individual and every situation. They want to be able to consistently say that they have all of these qualities and want to be viewed as a super natural person in a sense. I say super natural because it is almost impossible to successfully contain all of these qualities. People try way too hard to be accepted into society sometimes and in the end they are the ones who suffer from all of the effort that they put into it. People who are perfection seekers tend to fall into deep depression because they do not even know themselves anymore. They become lost in identifying themselves, due to trying to be too many different people to please society. Yes, the people who fall under this category are more likely to have a lot of friends due to the fact that they are programmed like a robot to please everyone.

Self-happiness is not common in situations like this because when you get so high up on the popularity scale you have no time left to focus on yourself. Organization skills are highly seen in these people; how else would they be able to keep straight what personality would need to come out in every situation that occurs? Intelligence is also a key personality trait seen in these people. They need high enough intelligence to be able to interact with those with high intelligence and still have the ability to dumb themselves down to talk to those with a lower IQ. Street smarts is usually a common factor as well. It is a crucial trait to have when dealing with people who could possibly really harm those perfection seekers. Consistency lacks within perfection seekers. It would almost be impossible to be consistent when you have to constantly change to fulfill expectations all around you, all of the time. Perfection seekers can process information impressively well. They are constantly on their toes to make remarks relevant to whatever is expected to come from them. You would think these people would have high self-esteem, but I see different. These people constantly want to change themselves to accommodate the expectations of others. They are never truly happy with themselves or else they would have no reason to be changing all of the time. Lastly, I believe perfection seekers would make limited mistakes due to their skills in processing information. But, I do think there are times when they slip up and actually expose who they truly are. Which in their mind is a mistake.

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