When you're really good friends with people of a different gender than yours, sometimes people assume you're dating. I happen to be good friends with one of my managers at work. We finally both had a day off, on the same day no less, and of course, took a road trip to Kings Island. What else do people do when they have days off, be productive? While most of these things do probably apply to actual couples, I'm more single than Kraft cheese slices so I can't exactly tell you about that.

1. Screaming (I mean, singing) in the car

michelle obama GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden

Since we do live a couple hours away from the nearest theme park, we had a lot of time to kill on our way to ride some roller coasters. Our singing might not have been the best, but we were loud and proud. I'm sure the cars driving past us did not need an awful rendition of "Sweet Caroline" but they sure as heck got one.

2. You have someone to take nice photos of you

Photo Credit: Skylar Chapman

Having a friend with portrait mode on their phone does have its perks. Also, they already know all the best angles that will flatter you.

3. ...And some not so nice

Photo Credit: Skylar Chapman

Snapchat is the bane of my existence when people catch me off guard. That being said, maybe I should stop making so many ridiculous faces.....

4. The jokes

stephen curry lol GIF by NBA

"Skylar, how much did I scream on the Firehawk?"

"WAY too much."

5. You don't feel obligated to stay even if you're really tired

tired sleep GIF

On a date, unless it's going poorly, you're likely to stay out longer than you intended. When you're out with friends, it's easy to agree it's been a long day and you're ready to head back a few hours early.

6. You never feel bad about stuffing your face

You shouldn't be self-conscious about what you eat on a date in the first place, but when you're with your friends it's almost an expectation to eat as much food as physically possible. Stuffed but see a really good ice cream place? You bet your bippy I just made room for dessert.

7. Taking at least one cheesy couple photo is amusing

We'd only get married for the tax benefits, but you gotta admit, we'd be pretty cute as a married couple.