"Hereditary" Is A24's Psychological Insanity from Sundance 18'
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"Hereditary" Is A24's Psychological Insanity from Sundance 18'

Yes, it is insanity.

"Hereditary" Is A24's Psychological Insanity from Sundance 18'

Sundance Film Festival comes out of its shell the very few first weeks of each year. Therefore, giving the spotlight to unknown, talented, young filmmakers that are on the upwards of showing the world what they're capable of creating. Whether it's screenwriting, producing, acting, directing, etc. All of it is shown off for lucky audiences who get the opportunity to attend a screening of their choice. Coming from the heart of Park City, Utah. As a fellow lover and basically having a hectic obsession over anything revolving film, this year, one specific piece of work got my full attention. Although myself, personally, couldn't make it to the festival...speculation was jumping from ear to ear from this year's attendee's about a new film which is being distributed by A24.

Film geeks, most certainly the ones who dip into the horror genre religiously consider this film studio to be today's top distributor for horror. Money grabbing flicks such as cryptic folk-tale "The Witch" and the silent "It Comes At Night". Even the fact that this film "Hereditary" won't be released to the public for a theatrical release until June later this year, the one's who saw it early, well let's just say....it was a blank stare into what your own mind can put you through. More so, the darkness of it.

"Hereditary" is based on a family mourning over the loss of one of their relatives, the main character's mother. The family as a whole are messed up in ways anyone can't even imagine. A delicate but very smart mother played by 'Toni Collette' and her teenage son who focuses too much on himself as this character tends to come off as stingy but then again also weak in certain forms emotionally because he is very dull and shy.. The film's main premise gives the question of "What can you do to save yourself from your own mind?"

Gut wrenching, freakish, and a "what kind of (sorcery)?" mood is the best way for this movie to be described. Very brilliantly written with a script that makes you melt in awe, not the good kind. Scene after scene leading to the final 10 minutes throws you into a psychological pit of hell. You want to relate to what each character goes through but fallback because its unreliable and messes you up. This film reminds me of when I first watched "The Conjuring", which I still consider to be the greatest horror film to date.

"Hereditary" might take that crown it seems. Its no overhype or dramatic feelings to what this movie brings in front of your eyes but it sure does sink you into a blank trap. Its impossible to predict what else this family can do to survive in their own house. Meaning that one of the characters is like an obsessive maniac of building replica's of her own home. As if whatever you do in real time is the same thing you're forced on doing like in the childlike toy house. Mental illness also plays a huge part in the family's past so right there explains the actions from Dementia and Alzeihmers (big hint, but not a spoiler).

Ask yourself the question above "What can and would you do to not lose yourself in your own mind?" , go further beyond insane or take it as it is. Once 'Hereditary' hits theaters this summer, I guarantee it will go beyond people's standards. Might as well prepare now and ahead of time if you're willing to handle it all.

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