It's A Beautiful Life
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It's A Beautiful Life

Looking back, everything she went through made her the woman she is today and she would not change a thing.

It's A Beautiful Life

Remember you were a little girl and the only thing you could think about was barbies and that guys had cooties?

Your mom was a queen in your eyes and you danced on your dad's feet. You cooked in your little plastic kitchen and thought your macaroni and cheese was better than anyone.

Then your turned double digits.

You were 11, you were no longer a little girl, you were becoming a young lady. You were entering middle school, for some girls, it was the best time, you met your lifelong friends, you were growing into your body, you started to realize that boys didn't have cooties, boys started to look cute.

For some girls it was a time that they had to overcome bullying, they had to discover that they could only be confident if they believed in their-self.

You started to not want mom and dad so much.

Then high school came.

You got your driver's license, You thought you were on the roads, you wanted to have the perfect prom. You have your girl squad, they ones you had pillow fights with, the friends you shared your deepest darkest secrets with.

Some girls had their first kiss, some girls had their first heartbreak, some girls had their first major fight with their parents, and some lost their first best friend.

Some girl found the love of their life, some girl got the body they always wanted, some girls had their first wreck. Some girl got their first Job. All girls made mistakes, that made them stronger.

Then she got into college. She got the confidence that no one can explain. She met the love of her life. She may still be on the path to discovering what she is going to do with her career but that okay because she knows that God will direct her path.

One day she will wake up to her handsome prince's face, drink coffee and looking into the eyes of her truly beloved, giving him a kiss before both of them head out to their dreams career that they worked so hard for.

Then, she comes home to cut up the vegetables and boil the chicken when she hears "Honey, I'm home," and then feels arms slide in front of her. Then months later she runs her hands over baby bump and looks at the five dark chocolate wrappers on the floor beside her and months later she hears the cry of her newborn baby as she squeezes her husband's hand for comfort.

Then she watches her little prince and princess drive off to college, then she holds her grandchildren. Then she looks at the wrinkled hands of her and husband and she looks back and she won't change everything that happened in her life.

Her life was perfect.

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