We've all seen those conspiracy theory videos about YouTubers, whether it's investigating Marina Joyce and her alleged kidnapping or if Jake Paul is actually a psychopath. This theories often come and go, trending on Twitter for a few days until someone comes out with a new challenge video or when Buzzfeed introduces the untold story of a mass-murderer.

In the past few years, the news surrounding Eugenia Cooney has not gained great popularity, but a recent music video by Niki DeMar that featured her among a small group of fellow YouTubers brought more coverage on Cooney's history. Specifically, a comment made by DeMar on her own video uncovered a truth that many have chosen to ignore: Eugenia's eating disorder.

Many have argued that Cooney is dangerously thin for years, but when her fans commented on her appearance, she completely disregarded their concerns. Whenever she would briefly address the subject, she claimed she was fine and there was nothing to worry about.

Of course, no one knows the entire truth, as Cooney often states she is simply "naturally skinny." Yes, when comparing her past videos to her recent ones, it's clear that she has always been a thin girl. However, she has noticeably lost weight among the years, a transformation that has left many scared for her life.

In 2016, Cooney noticed the backlash she was receiving from her viewers who would leave aggressive comments on her videos. Numerous followers condemned her content for encouraging young girls to strive for her body. She responded to this with an apology video, in which she vaguely touched upon the topic of her appearance and said she was in no way trying to influence anyone. She seemed to intentionally avoid the subject of weight, which some argued was another sign that she is likely struggling with a disorder.

DeMar's video seems to be one of the first times someone who has actually interacted with Eugenia has exposed her eating disorder. The only person who has repeatedly collaborated with Cooney in her videos has been her mother, who some claim is only encouraging her unhealthy behavior. Whether or not Cooney has made a conscious effort to isolate herself from the YouTube community is unknown.

Despite many people's attempts to reach out to Eugenia in hopes of providing help, including an invitation from Dr. Phil, she has refused to address the issue. Not only has this upset fellow members of the YouTube community, but a majority of her fans who just want to see her health improve.

I am not a doctor, I am not here to diagnose Eugenia Cooney with anything. But, as someone who has struggled with an eating disorder myself, I know how manipulative they can be. You often ignore people's questions, you refuse to communicate with those who you think may try to "ruin your progress," and you hide your pain under a facade of smiles. If she is refusing to address the comments on her videos regarding her weight (which make a large majority of the comment section), there has to be something going on.

Above all, I hope that DeMar's video may encourage people to speak up about Eugenia in a respectful way so she can get the help she deserves. There has always been a lack of discussion regarding the severity of eating disorders in our current culture, but Eugenia Cooney is a topic we need to bring up. This a young woman who is full of life and has so much positivity to offer, but will not be able to do so if she does not face the reality of her situation.