Before you read the following, know that I am pro-life and that I am writing this as a defense to the women who are pro-choice and have had their rights taken away.

Six weeks.

In six weeks, a woman is expected to find out if she is pregnant and then make the decision whether or not she wants to keep the child.

The "Heartbeat Bill" that has recently been signed in the state of Georgia has officially sent the women in residence in this state back decades in time.

This decision is being justified with responses like "she had unprotected sex so she should be ready for a child" and "six weeks is enough time".

I have a few responses for those remarks.

I may be pro-life, but most women don't find out they are expecting until they are MONTHS along. This bill also overlooks victims of rape and abuse, who are pregnant because of a decision made by a monster. Many women cannot afford birth control.

What will you tell them?

In my own personal life, I am pro-life, but I respect the decisions of any woman put in those positions. It doesn't matter to me the decision she makes because it is her body. Not mine.

As a consequence of this bill, thousands of women will now be at the mercy of botched abortion procedures, the foster system will experience an influx of children from unwanted pregnancies, and women's bodies have now become government property.

I understand the thought behind the bill and for people who stand behind it; I am trying to see into your mind. I'm pro-life. I understand.

But I cannot stand behind a piece of paper that is making decisions for my body without my consent.

Do you want to decrease the number of abortions?

Provide government funding for birth control and condoms.

It's much cheaper. Don't treat women like criminals because they are making decisions for their bodies.

My defense here does not apply to the women who wait until the baby has developed significantly to have an abortion. My defense does not apply to unprotected sex and irresponsibility. My defense applies to those women who have been victims and who have made a mistake.

A baby is a precious thing and to grow life inside of me is a privilege I am grateful for. I am pro-life, but I will not take a woman's decision away as I would hope she would not take mine away.

America, I want you to seriously think about what you have just done and felt the gravity of the decision you have made for millions of women. I see your reason and there is beauty behind it, but you have gone too far.