2,785 Broken Hearts, 1,378 Hopeless Romantics, And One Anonymous Club.
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2,785 Broken Hearts, 1,378 Hopeless Romantics, And One Anonymous Club.

Heart Broken Anonymous: No judgment-just raw, & honest heart break.

Matthew Kwong

Maybe the first time the timing was off.

Nothing was really bad, it just wasn't the right season.

Stress got in the way of your day to day conversation, and tensions arose.

Then, the second chance comes around.

There was a lot of pain from the end of the first try, but it would get better eventually, right?

You missed them so much.

All the tears, and all the aches weren't for nothing.

And then the third time comes around.


THIS is it.

This, is magical.

You always knew there was something about that person, their character, and their charm.

The first time around you envisioned them in your future,

you saw them coming up the drive way, and pictured the look on everyone's face when you said I do.

The timing was just off then.

But now it must be right.

What a story,

where you had thought you lost them,

it was over forever, but now,

now they're back.

Love isn't lost, and if you truly love someone you set them free,

and if they come back, they're yours to keep.


Maybe for some people.

But not for you,

not this time.

I know what it feels like to think why couldn't have it been me? Why not now,

or why not the third time around?

It seemed so different, and you were so sure.

It wasn't the feeling of your heart racing a million miles a minute, and

not being able to catch your breath.

It was your friend.

A friendship that felt a whole lot like love.

And it was fun.

Those trips, those inside jokes you guys made,

or that time you could just be YOU.

No glitz or glam, no trying too hard and not feeling comfortable.

The moments you could be so real, and so honest.

Tears could be shed, and there was no judgement.

You understood each other's hearts.

It was the kind of vulnerability you've been looking for,

for a long time.

And i'm so sorry.

They're not the one coming up the drive way,

they aren't the one holding your first born,

or jumping up and down once you've landed your dream job.

He's not the one to sweep you off your feet,

and she's not the one to tell you how proud she is of you.

And I hate to tell you,

but no matter the second chance,

or the third.

It's not meant to be, and

it never really was.

Heart Broken Anonymous is an online support group for individuals like you and I,

to vent, to share, and to listen.

With monthly meetings ranging from Los Angeles,
California to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Your heart matters, and

so does your story.

I'm sorry if you didn't get the closure you needed, and i'm sorry if your heart is hurting.

This is, "A safe place for the heartbroken to come, mend, and share your story."

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