Falling in Love Can be Scary
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Falling in Love Can be Scary

Just pick the right one... And it won't be dangerous.

Falling in Love Can be Scary

My doctor never warned me about the dangerous side effects of

Loving someone too deeply. This I had to find out for myself the

Hard way. I gave every fiber of my being into loving you and it still

Never was enough. I felt every ache and pain of losing myself in you

And even found comfort in it. I felt it even stronger when you cut away

The roots you had so graciously let me plant in you. I was not expecting

The side effects of the love I gave to you to be so unbearably painful when

You promised there would be none at all. I had become so used to these

Feelings that I could not remember what it was like without them. I had

Turned into the warnings that I so naively ignored. But I have realized

That I am more than just the side effects of a bad dose of heartbreak candy

Coated with nice words. While your bad intentions taught me what pain

Really is, they also taught me to always read the fine print before taking too

Big of a dose of what I believe to be love.

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