A Healthy Relationship

Starting a new relationship is always exciting. You're spending a lot of time together, having fun with one another, and enjoying the blissfulness that is a new relationship. Though, when things start to get serious, that's when the real fun begins. One of the main parts of maintaining a healthy serious relationship is having mutual respect for one another. If you don't have that then you have nothing. Another main part of a relationship is communication. You need to be able to talk to each other about your thoughts and feelings in order to have a healthy relationship. The third thing you need to make it last, is trust. Without trust, the relationship is bound to end at one point or another. And lastly, love. Love is the key ingredient to a lasting relationship.

Respect is typically something that is earned. If you meet someone that you get along with and start spending a lot of time together and really get to know one another, you will most likely begin to respect each other. It's important to have enough respect to always be honest and kind with your partner. This is part of the foundation to a healthy relationship. Without the foundation, the relationship is eventually going to fall apart. And if you're in a relationship with no respect, then it's not a healthy relationship at all.

Another key part of a relationship is communication. It's important to be able to always express your thoughts and feelings with your significant other. Tell each other if there is any problem you are having with them, with your life, or just in general. Without communication, frustration and anger will develop and that could potentially lead to mistrust. Which brings us to the next part of a healthy relationship.

Trust, to me, this is one of the most important parts of a relationship because without it, you have nothing. If you can't trust the person you're with, you may be suspicious of them or you may always think that they're lying to you, and that isn't a good foundation for a healthy relationship. You need to be able to trust one another and feel that there is loyalty in order to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

The last thing you need to have a happy and long lasting relationship is love. You can have all of the other things I've mentioned, but, without love added onto it, the relationship will not last forever. Love is the main ingredient you need in a serious relationship with someone. To me, love is a gift and it doesn't always come easily. However, if you find the right person and fall in love, it can be an amazing thing.

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