5 Healthy And Easy Meals To Make In Your College Kitchen

Here's to a happy and healthy school year!

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

There are SO many options when making eggs. You can poach, hard boil, fry, or scramble them, and honestly, they taste pretty good every way. My go-to is scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, onion, broccoli, and tomato. I sprinkle some everything bagel seasoning and add hot sauce (the Chipotle hot salsa is the best) and voila!

Another super quick and easy option is to make hard-boiled eggs ahead of time and have them available in the fridge to add to toast, salads, or just ready to eat plain. This is a great grab-and-go option if you're really busy.


Again, there are so many options when making pasta. All you do is get your favorite noodles (mine are these brown rice noodles), cook them accordingly, and add some sauce and other toppings. My go-to way to make pasta is to cook the noodles ahead of time so I can have them ready to microwave or have cold. Then I'll sauté a ton of veggies (spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, and/or onion) and add fresh avocado to it. For the sauce, try and use olive oil, basil pesto, or marinara sauce, as these are all lighter and healthier as opposed to a cheese sauce. I don't eat meat or dairy, but you could add chicken or seafood if you like that!

Salad/protein bowls

These are so easy to make and spice up! There are also tons of ways to make these unhealthy, so be careful. I always love using mixed greens or spinach as my base and add broccoli, onion, tomatoes, and avocado to mine. You can cook the veggies or use them raw. I love adding some plain hummus to my salad too. For dressing, I'll use either a green goddess dressing or balsamic.

If you want to convert the salad into a protein bowl, you can just add quinoa or brown rice to the bottom and add some roasted sweet potatoes and mushrooms to it! Again, if you want to add chicken or salmon, feel free.

Avo Toast

This is so basic, I know, but it is so good and reliable! All you do is make some toast and add mashed avocado and other toppings to it. I love using this rice bread and adding tomatoes, radish, and onion on top with some garlic powder, red chili flakes, and everything bagel seasoning.


These are so versatile and can be made in so many ways. My favorite smoothie is made with frozen bananas, sunflower butter, oat milk, spinach and this protein powder. There are a billion healthy smoothie recipes out there, so my biggest tip is to just add some spinach to everything because you cannot taste it and spinach is amazing for you.

Just a quick shoutout to Kenzie Burke Health for so much inspiration on yummy recipes!

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