10 Black TV Relationships That'll Restore Your Faith In Love

10 Healthy Black TV Relationships That'll Restore Your Faith In Love If You're Living Single

Can you say #relationshipgoals?


Love is hard to find these days, so many of us find solace living vicariously through TV shows. Nowadays, there are only a few representations of healthy and stable relationships in the media world, especially when it comes to black relationships. However, in recent years, there have been couples in TV that show that love is beautiful and it is possible to find your person in life.

Here are 10 examples of healthy black love relationships.

Beth and Randall, ​​​"This Is Us"


Beth and Randall met back on their first day of college. They are the yin and yang to each other. Randall is a dreamer and Beth is a realist. They bring so much out of the other person and accept them for their flaws. They listen and support each other in their careers and their dreams. We know the show is running until season six so the writers better not give us another heart attack and try to divorce them like they tried t do in season 3.

Dwayne and Whitley, "A Different World"


A '90s classic from way back when. Two college falling in love at an HBCU, the perfect set up. Dwayne was a notorious player on campus and Whitley was an uptight southern girl who came from money. They started off hating each other at the beginning of the series, then moved on to being friends, to finally admitting their feelings for each other after four seasons. Dwayne taught Whitley to not depend on a man but to depend on herself and Whitley taught Dwayne how to love.

Alex and Derek, "STAR"


This couple is my favorite and have been TV relationship goals since their show started. Alex was a rich girl from New York who wanted to sing and Derek was Black Lives Matter Activist from Atlanta. Alex was closed off and sheltered but Derek helped her open her heart and find a voice in herself she didn't know she had. They were from two different worlds but the chemistry was there from day one. Alex and Derek were young and in love while going through real life issues. They survived car accidents, losing a baby, cheating, and even a near death plane crash. They showed that love isn't always easy but it's worth fighting for if you love them. They made it to the alter at the end of season 3 and got married. (We don't mention the last fifteen minutes of that episode though.)

Martin and Gina, "Martin"


Gina and Martin was everyone's favorite couple from the '90s. Martin was the goofy dude and Gina was the sassy workaholic. Martin would make Gina laugh and Gina would calm down Martin's temper. They went through real life stuff and their partner brought them back to reality. Martin acts a fool and knows Gina is too good for him but Gina loves the man and doesn't care what other people think of their relationship because they love each other.

Andre and Bow Johnson, "Blackish"


Dre and Bow are the milennial Cliff and Claire Huxtable in 2010s with a combination of Martin and Gina. They met after college and made a life together. Successful careers, a house in the suburbs, and five kids ( two of them that got into college). Their relationship is a yin and yang, Dre is funny and crazy and Bow is sweet and kind. Bow would set Dre in his place from time to time while Dre would put Bow at ease from the stress and worry of her job as a doctor. They parent their kids while they work together as a team in their marriage, their household, and in life.

Moesha and Jeremy, "Moesha"


Another example of young black love. Moesha had many boyfriends through her teen years but Jeremy was probably one of the good ones. They met when she transferred schools and he was the popular jock. He treated he like a lady and with respect and she was able to open up to him. Even her dad liked him and you know Frank never likes Moesha's boyfriends. Even though it was short lived, it showed young black teenagers having a healthy relationship.

Melanie and Derwin Davis, "The Game"


Derwin and Mel is one for the books. They been through the highs and lows and it's a miracle they stayed together. They were college sweethearts that move to San Diego when Derwin is drafted into the NFL. Their relationship depicted couples surviving the world of professionals sports. They supported each other's careers and the love never went away, even when they were with other people. They made mistakes and forgave each other. They build up each other and made a family together. Derwin always credits his success to Melanie being his foundation, reminding us behind every strong man is a strong woman.

Michael and Janet,  "My Wife and Kids"


When two funny people marry each other, it's nothing but laughs in that household. Michael and Jay are that were that funny couple who get through life through laughter. They raised their kids with traditional but new-age parenting. Jay was the voice of reason to Michael's sense of humor. They got over 20 years of marriage in the bag and they made it last that long by just being themselves and letting the other person do their thing, whether it be their career or their personality.

Ralph Angel and Darla, "Queen Sugar"


Ralph Angel and Darla are two people who go through the ringer, individually and together. They got together at turbulent times in their lives and had to go on roads to recovery. Their son, Blue, is the one thing that connects them together and they rebuild their relationship. Ralph Angle and Darla are both sensitive souls and they have an understanding of wanting to escape the past but not being able to let go. They are each other's safety net and helps the other person breath through the pain.

Steve and Laura, "Family Matters"


Steve and Laura are the classic story of the nice guy finishing first. Steve was the nerd next door that had been in love with Laura for years. She saw him as the annoying nerd that was obssesed with her. Through the series, they were friends who were with other people and respected each other. He worshiped the ground she walked on and she treated him with kindness unlike other people. Steve almost gave up on Laura and was ready to walk out of her life to make her happy but she then she finally realizes that after so many years, she loved Steve and by the end of the series, they end up getting engaged.

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