He Has A Plan For You, Bigger Than You Can Even Imagine
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He Has A Plan For You, Bigger Than You Can Even Imagine

Why does he not like me? Why didn't I get a good grade when I studied so hard? Why is she always mad at me? WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!

He Has A Plan For You, Bigger Than You Can Even Imagine

There are so many "whys" in life. Why things happen or why things don't happen. And we often get mad that things are going the way that they are. We get annoyed because life is not going how WE want it to go. Often times we have this vision in our mind of how we want our lives to go. We see things portrayed on social media, or in films and we want them. We want the perfect family, the wonderful boyfriend, the flawless skin, the high GPA, all the "perfect things" we want in our lives and we more often than not we want them in the blink of an eye.

We have a hard time waiting for these things to come along. We are not patient enough. We want to rush life. However, I urge you to wait. Have patience and trust in the Lords timing.

It's not easy, I get it trust me! Being a college student and just wanting to know that there are good things out there ahead of you. And more often than not looking for some type of reassurance that we are doing things right and that we have a purpose.

I find myself often times referring to one of my favorite verse; "trust in the Lord and he will give you hearts desires" Psalms 37:4

God knows your "why" in life, he created a plan for you specifically.

Stop dwelling on the "why me?!" or the "why not me?!" the Lord places everything that goes on in your life for a reason. It will either be a blessing or a lesson.

Sometimes we think at the moment that we don't want what God has put in our lives. However it may very well become a blessing in disguise. I probably wouldn't be with my boyfriend if my car didn't break down that miserably hot summer day. At the time it was awful and I kept asking God, "seriously?! Why me and why now?!" and now I look back and I laugh because that is one of my favorite days. The Lord put me in that situation for a reason, to show me that their was someone out there that I needed to meet. Yes it sucked that my car broke down in 100 degrees south florida, but God had a bigger plan, he brought me Alex.

God has placed you where you are in your life today for a reason. Every moment, and every experience that you are going through will have a purpose. It may not be what you think you want but the Lord has a bigger plan for you than you have for yourself. He know what you need and when you need it. And He knows who you need and when you need them.

The Lord has removed some people from your life because they can not go where he is taking you next. They will only hold you back from the plans that he has in store for you. Some people serve their purpose and then its time for them to go. Letting them go is not easy but God wants you to move on to the better things that he has in store for you

Everything happens for a reason. Try not to force anything, what's meant to happen will. It may not be today, or at the exact moment that you wish for it, but it will be just at a better time. I promise you that there is no better time then God's time.

Many times we get upset when something doesn't work out but instead of filling ourselves with anger and frustration, we should fill ourselves with hope and faith that God closed that one door just for a better one to open.

What you are going through is no accident, God is using the situations that he put you in to shape you and grow you into the future you that he wants to bring you to.

God will help you through the stress that he puts your way. The phrase "do not be afraid" is written in the bible 365 times. It serves as a daily reminder that you are in the palm of his hands, he has a plan for you bigger than you could even imagine. Bigger than what you see on social media and in films. A plan that if you put your trust and faith in him he will give you everything that you deserve. It may not be what you think you, but he knows what you need and he knows just when you need it.

So stop worrying about why you are not getting what you want and focus more on what you can do to make the best out of every situation that God puts your way. Because he put you where you are today and has called you to do great things in this world. And he knew the plans he had for you before you were even born.

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