I've loved Hayley Kiyoko in everything that she has been in. If you don't know her, you need to. Now.

You name it, I've loved it. From Wizards of Waverly Place and Lemonade Mouth to Scooby Doo starring as Velma Dinkley (who is a personal icon). So you can imagine my excitement and inner-struggle when SHE JOINED TAYLOR ON THE REPUTATION TOUR STAGE!!!!

Ok. It's ok. I'm good.

But, no really. This was so incredibly marvelous to watch an artist who has been killing the game in the entertainment industry for years to be on a stage, after dropping an amazing new album and see her perform one of her singles with Taylor Swift, herself. Taylor seemed excited to have Hayley perform with her, from the endless footage of Instagram stories and posts, and Hayley looked right in her element.

I felt the same way when I saw that Taylor had brought up Troye Sivan on an earlier night to perform with her. This weird sense of pride for someone who I have never met, and never contributed to, except with my avid listening. I felt the same when I heard Troye's My, My, My play outside of a Nordstrom's last week. Feeling excited and proud of these amazing artists that I and so many others witnessed grow into the entertainers and performers that everybody else gets to experience at their debut.

I read something when I first scoured the Internet for videos of those two stellar ladies performing together. Someone mentioned how, while they were going crazy after Taylor brought Hayley on stage to sing Curious, that there were people in the audience around them googling who Hayley Kiyoko is. So, here's me doing my bit to draw some attention to Hayley Kiyoko cause we all need a lot more sunshine and goodness in our lives.