3 Hawaiian Swimwear Brands You MUST Try
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3 Hawaiian Swimwear Brands You MUST Try — Because Nobody Knows How To Make A Bikini Better

Summer is nearing its end, but summer never ends in Hawaiʻi

3 Hawaiian Swimwear Brands You MUST Try — Because Nobody Knows How To Make A Bikini Better

Living in Hawaiʻi for my whole life, I have learned to love and cherish our local businesses here. I have come to find that I buy much of my bikini collection from them.

Although they are a little bit on the pricier side, the quality is always amazing and you know your money is going towards a good cause and business.

Benoa Swim

Benoa is based on the North Shore of O'ahu and was started by two women. The designs are hand-drawn by one of the owners and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia.

What I personally love about this brand is that it is own and run by women.

On the tags of their items, it says "For, Of and To: Women Who Inspire Us." This brand is loved by girls on every island and even on the mainland. You can find their items online or at swimsuit boutiques around the island.

T. Rose Swim

I recently came across this brand at an arts festival. The owner was there selling her bikinis alongside painters, photographers, and musicians.

She also hand draws her own prints and designs.

This brand loves to come out with floral patterns, personally my favorite, as well as innovative, unique tops and bottoms that look good on any body type. You can find their items online and at the Honolulu Night Market.

Acacia Swimwear

Acacia Swimwear is a staple in any Hawaii girl's collection. Girls go crazy over these bikinis and even buy them at full price.

Despite the fact that many of these brands usually don't go on sale, Acacia is worth the price.

The brand was born in Hawaii and focuses on European/Italian style beachwear. They often make swimsuit cover-ups and dresses in the same prints as the bikinis, which are super cute and go well when matching.

You can find their items online or at many swimsuit boutiques around the island.

There are many other small businesses on the island that make beautiful artwork through swimsuits and bikinis. A great way to find them is through Instagram!

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