5 Things That Never Get Old About Having A Younger Brother

My little brother can be my best friend or my worst friend, it depends on the day. In all honesty, ever since we both have grown into the young adults are, we've become super close. As kids, we would fight day-in and day-out. We absolutely hated each other.

Since this weekend is my little brother's birthday and last year of being a teenager, I thought it'd be nice to highlight the five best parts of having him as my little brother. (They aren't always as evil as you think)

1. Being openly honest

My brother and I, and all of my siblings for that matter, are brutally honest people. I think the honesty between my brother and I keeps our relationship so great. We aren't afraid to tell each other how we feel, honest opinions on something him or I have done that has bothered one of us. Honesty is key to any relationship and has made us closer as siblings.

2. Laughs. Lots of laughs

My little brother is one of the funniest humans I've ever met. His quick wit and sarcasm make me laugh on the worst days. All of my siblings and I share the same sense of humor so after one joke being cracked, I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

3. Contagious creativity

My little brother is a creative genius when it comes to doing what he loves. If he's cooking food in the kitchen, it's some masterpiece made from scratch that I couldn't do even if I had all day to do it. He owns his own clothing business, at age 19 might I add, and his creativity allows him to design and create beautiful artwork on clothing. Day in and day out I witness his creativity touch people around him to make them more inspired.

4. Unapologetically expressive

My brother is one of a kind and how he expresses himself is really quite amazing. The lack of carelessness he has for other's opinion is eye-opening. He dresses the way he wants, acts the way he wants and does what he wants because it makes him feel good. My brother will wear his hair in pigtails... because he wants to. He rocks it, too.

5. Someone I can go to for anything

Us siblings have to stick together. This is the beauty of having so many. Since my younger brother still lives at home, he's always there when I need to talk, vent, or need advice. My friends may know me pretty well, but my brother knows me better. Always knowing I have him to talk to for advice or troubleshooting is a great feeling.

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