Every family is different. Some families have no kids, one kid, two kids, or even five kids. I was lucky enough to have been blessed with a sibling. Granted, he is younger than me but that doesn't mean that there still aren't perks! While I always wished to be an only child when my brother was first born, as he had all the attention, I definitely would not change a thing now!

If you have a sibling, I'm sure you can relate. And if not, here are some of the things you're missing out on.

1. You always have someone to hang out with.

This applies when you're home and bored, when you're on the road, or if you're out at a family function. When you have another sibling, it basically guarantees that you have a constant friend. Sometimes at a family function, I used to end up playing by myself because there were so many other kids but now, instead of feeling lonely, I just hang out with my brother and everything is fine.

2. You have someone to share secrets with.

This one is a little complicated. I think that when it comes down to it, your sibling would keep your secret for you. However, sometimes they'll get mad and snitch or better yet, you'll have to bribe them to keep your secret! I'm sure we've all done our fair share of bribing, telling our siblings we'd get them something to make sure they don't rat us out. Been there, done that.

3. You have someone to bounce your ideas off of. 

In all honesty, who's going to understand where you're coming from more than your own family? If you have a sibling, you can bounce thoughts and ideas off them and see what they think! It can something as simple as taking up a sport, what you should wear, or even where you want to go to school.

4. You have someone to give you advice. 

This typically tends to apply to older siblings. You have someone to give you advice on the girl/guy you're interested in, the classes you want to take, or what outfits looks better on you.

5. You'll always have someone to talk to. 

This could be if you're home alone and want someone to hang out with or if you're far away and wanted to hear a familiar voice. They're always just one phone call or text away!

6. You have someone who will share a lot of your quirks.

Due to the fact that you're family, you may have a lot of things in common. It could be your favorite food, your least favorite food, or even that you both wear glasses. Despite it, it gives you something to bond over and something to always talk about.

7. They will know what you like and don't like. 

This comes in handy when you're home and you want them to pick you up some snacks. Or if you're sick and they're bringing you some soup! You'll both know what to cook and what not to cook! Or if you're like me, what to buy because you can't cook.

8. They'll support you. 

Your sibling will always be there for emotional support. Maybe you want to drop out of school and study art, your sibling will be right by your side through it all. They may not always agree with you but they'll always be on your side.

9. They will always have your back.

If it's two a.m. and you're stranded at the club, you know you can count on your sibling to come pick you up! No one cares more about you than your family! If you're sad and need to cry, they'll gladly give you a shoulder to cry on. Better yet, maybe they'll act as your alibi and keep you from getting in trouble with your parents.

10.  You have someone to split the cost of gifts with.

When it's a family member's birthday or when it's Christmas, you can split the costs with you brother/sister so that you don't break the bank! That $100 gift just became $50!

With everything in mind, I love having a little brother. I love knowing that he can always come to me for help and I'll always be there for him. With family, especially a sibling, comes love, laughter, and happiness!