When I started college there were so many things that I was excited for. For the most part, I was excited to finally leave my small town and be apart of a bigger, more open-minded community.

When I announced where I would be attending school, everyone from teachers to random people at the place I worked gave me advice on how to handle the transition. No one's advice ever prepared me for leaving my best friend, and living miles apart from her.

It's hard having a long distance best friend. The distance can be a huge obstacle. However, if you can overcome the miles between you, having a long distance BFF is actually the best. Having a long distance best friend is the best, and I would not ask for it any other way.

1. You Talk All The Time

Actual footage of me on the phone with my friend

I can't tell you how excited I get when I see my best friends name pop up on my phone. It might seem strange, but since my best friend and I have moved farther away from each other, we talk more. We make sure we talk to each other every day about all the crazy things that are happening in our lives.

2. When You Finally See Each Other, Your Hangouts Are Awesome

They get pretty lit.

One of the best parts about having a long distance best friend is your hangouts are an awesome time. Your hangouts consist of shopping trips and showing each other the best places in town. These hangouts are so meaningful because you don't know when you will see each other face to face again.

3. You Always Have A Shoulder To Cry On

It can be hard when everything seems to be going terribly for you. Whether you and your friends from school are fighting or you got a bad grade on your final your long distance BFF will always be there for you. She is the best person to give advice because she will comfort you, but also call you out when you are wrong.

4. You Know They'll Always Be There For You

Many of us are friends by chance, not by choice. We are friends with the people who we live with, or who we have classes with. Your long distance best friend and you have overcome the hardest part, the distance. This means you can get through anything together. No matter what, whether you are five miles a part or thousands you two will always be there for each other.

Never freak out about leaving your best friend, long distance best friends are the best. You guys will be just fine.