I been a part of a family to where my parents have been divorced since I was little and that was hard on me because I have alway been around my dad since the day I was born. For people can relate to me you know how it feels for your parents to be divorced since a year ago. I know for me it was hard for me to get over my parents splitting up.

For some families, it can be hard for everyone because they are alway so used to having both parents around during the day, and not you won't have the ability to have both parents around all the time. At first for some kids, it's hard for some people to get over and to deal with.

The process is long to get a divorce, you have to get both of the parents to agree 100% of getting a divorce, then the next step is to start getting the paperwork done and getting to see a lawyer to get into the next. The next step is to go to court and see who has the kid son what days and how much the father will have to pay for child support. The one who pays the child support is the father, that's how it normally goes.

The weekend that the father has the kids the kids will normally goes with the kids and will stay a night or even a weekend or maybe even a full week depending on the case and the paperwork.

At first for the kids it will be hard for them at first to realize that they only have one parent living in the house but the kids can see the father anytime they like. A lot of times the kids will ask the mom if they can I go over to dad's house and spend time with him for a little bit.

It is requested by law that the father paid child support if he doesn't the father can get arrested and having to go to jail and having to paid a fine for not paying children support.

Having my parents divorce has put an affect on me when i was little but its doesn't have an effect on me today since I'm 21 years old and almost 22, next month.