I'm The Girl With Baby Fever At 20, Ask Me Anything

Trust me I have had my fair share of weird looks and disapproving lectures when I say I have baby fever, and I'm only 20.

I know that I have so much more life ahead of me and that I need to wait to have kids. I totally understand I need to finish college and finish law school, get a job, and a house and be financially stable.

All of this I know and it has been told to me many times. Of course, I would never want to put myself in a place that would jeopardize my future or my child's future. I want to be smart about it so that my kids can have the best life possible.

But that doesn't mean I don't think about having kids, and what they will look like and their names.

I already know what I want to name my kids, I have for a few years now. I think about being a mom and packing school lunches and taking them to practices. I know being a mom is not easy at all, kids are a pain and expensive, but I have always wanted to be a mom because of the unconditional love that I will have for the rest of my life.

My mom was so amazing, she showed me what being a great mom was.

So if I'm even half the mom she is, then I think my kids will be very lucky. Walking through Target and seeing the baby section gets me every time, all the little shoes and socks. I can't wait to be able to buy all of that stuff and just have someone who is a little piece of me walking around.

I think back to my childhood, and all the moments and memories I have with my parents, honestly, I can't wait for that to be me.

Even though I want kids really badly, I know that I have to wait — I'm only 20 years old so I'm just not ready, and I know that. And just because I get happy seeing the Target baby section, and I already picked out my kids name doesn't mean that I am gonna get pregnant within the next five or six years. I want to be a stable adult before I bring kids into the world.

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So don't assume that I'm crazy, irresponsible, too young, or that I want kids right now just because I have baby fever.

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