Having An Older Sister, Is Having A Best Friend

Having an older sister is a huge benefit to any girl. This is beneficial because your older sister has been through more life than you. They have been with your parents growing up. Your sister will have the best advice about everything, and usually, be able to help you through any situation.

If you ever come across anything in life you will know there will be someone to have your back. They usually have the best advice to handle situations or even about your dating life. Having an older sister can be a huge advantage, so do not let your petty arguments come in between one another.

The things you lack in life your sister will be there to help. If you ever need life advice she will be there. They have gone through a little more than the little sister, so they can be a huge help. Being a little sister, you always look up to your older sister. You try to follow in their footsteps and be like them. Every little sister wants to be everything their older sister is especially when they are younger.

Personally growing up with a sister was honestly so great. When we were younger and especially in our teenage years, we fought constantly over everything. We would argue over every toy and get so jealous of each other. I wanted to do everything she did when I was a kid.

She was the girl I looked up to growing up. She has always been the person to pick on me, but she would be there in a heartbeat if I needed her. She will forever be the person to stick up for me in any situation. When we were younger, she would stick up for me to anyone.

Now since we are now older my sister has become my best friend. She has brought me the cutest nephew and a new brother in law. I still go home every weekend from college to see her. We hardly ever fight now probably because we are older. She will always be my older annoying sister, but I know I could rely on her for anything.

She will always be the one with the best advice. I love times hanging out with my older sister and new nephew. These memories with her are something I will never forget. She will always be my big sister, the biggest pain in my butt, and my best friend.

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