What It's Like Having An Older Brother When You're A Younger Sister

It's true: brothers are a different breed.

But what we often tend to overlook is how much we truly need them in our lives. From a young age, it comes naturally to look up to and idolize your older bro. Brothers teach us so many things as we grow; they show us how to be tough when we are scared, show us how to smile when we are sad and show us to find the good in all of the bad things that happen around us.

When we were kids, my brother and I would watch Tom and Jerry with our papaw. All three of us would laugh until we had tears in our eyes (and probably still would today too). But I read a quote once about brothers and sisters that said,

"Brother and sister relationships are like Tom and Jerry. They tease and irritate each other, knock each other down, but can't live without each other."

If you have a brother, then you know there is no other person on this planet that could irritate you more than he can even if they tried. But regardless of that, you can't live without each other.

Tagging along next to him, falling to the beat of his steps became natural as time went on. I've been his sidekick since before I can remember; He's my Batman and I'm his Robin.

From being young and him teaching me to ride a bike, staying up all night on Christmas Eve and playing video games; to growing older and going on road trips, taking on concerts and discovering new music, a brother is someone you can always count on.

He will always be there. He was there before you could walk. He was there on your first day of school. He was there when you would fall (he probably laughed), but would still be there. He was there to cheer you on at your sporting events. He was there when you walked across the stage in a cap and gown.

Photo by Emmie Keenan

Your older brother is the person you stick up for and defend to your parents (even if he's wrong). He's the person you believe will actually pay you a quarter if you do him a favor (even though you know he never will). He's the person you forgive (even if he does annoy you beyond belief). But most importantly, he's the person you hold so near and dear to your heart because of all of the things he does.

After some long thought, if I could describe my brother with only one word it would be: talented.

He creates art. He can teach himself to play just about any instrument, can write and read music, sings his own songs and does it all on his own. If you're interested in listening to my brother's music, check it out. You won't be disappointed!

Drew Keenan — "Wish U Were Here"

So to my brother: I'll always be here to tag along; rain or shine. You're my brother by chance, but my best bud by choice.

If you have an older brother, go tell him you appreciate him. I bet it will make him smile!

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