Sexual Assault Porn Contributes To The Normalization Of Rape Culture
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Sexual Assault Porn Contributes To The Normalization Of Rape Culture

We have to stop fetishizing sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Porn Contributes To The Normalization Of Rape Culture

Over the last few weeks, my curiosity has led me to PornHub. No, not because I’m an avid porn connoisseur, but because U.S. politics has found its way to PornHub. I feel like I'm in the freeze-frame meme.

“Who the hell is Stormy Daniels?” Oh dear, I did not want to see that. Ok bye internet.

Are there really gun videos on PornHub? Wow, there are. Oh, wait, oh no, I didn’t want to see those guns.

Who knew American politics would devolve so rapidly that porn sites make it to the conversation?

I quickly realized people are WEIRD. If you can think of it, they’ve got porn for it. It’s like a dirty version of Mad Libs. I’m not judging anyone for their weird porn habits. Every man to his own. If you enjoy tentacle porn like Kurt Eichenwald apparently does, you go watch you some tentacle porn, you freaking weirdo.

Weird porn is OK and all until it crosses the line to sexual assault or statutory rape. Then it’s really gross. Videos depicting sexual assault, incest, statutory rape are part of what contributes such the atrociously high amount of sexual assault America sees. One in five women will experience sexual assault in their lifetimes according to the CDC.

The number of videos that I saw, may I add while I looking for very unsexy gun videos was atrocious. I saw a video of an actress (hopefully) who looked younger than my 14-year-old sister tied to a four-post bed with the description being something along the lines of stepdad and sexual assault.

That is not OK.

There is a channel called “Punish Teens” that’s dedicated to making videos of young girls being abducted and sexually assaulted.

I understand that most of these videos are made by consenting adults. I also understand that when videos use the term sexual assault in a description it doesn’t always literally mean sexual assault, but regardless, sexual assault and rough, kinky sex are not interchangeable. Anything that has to do with sexual assault should kill the mood instantly.

Rape and sexual assault are all too real. These heinous crimes are not descriptive verbs. Sexual assault and rape are scary and leave scars that never go away. I’ve sat with girls as they’ve sobbed over their assaults. I and many other girls are terrified of walking alone in the dark. Sexual assault/rape isn’t a fetish, it’s a crime. It doesn’t belong on PornHub.

Honestly, as far as porn sites go, PornHub isn't as bad. It recently removed ads for Illinois Democratic congressional candidate Benjamin Thomas Wolf (AKA Cannabis Candidate) after allegations of abuse. PornHub had the decency to do what most elected officials won't and part ways with abusers.

Way to go, five gold stars for PornHub.

I'm not a fan of watching other humans do it. It's not really my thing. I get by just fine without porn. I personally feel that porn objectifies women, cheapens sex, and leaves the viewer unsatisfied by real-life sexual encounters. I have my reasons and I'm sure y'all have heard them all by now from a gazillion other people. I don't expect my reservations to keep other people from watching porn.

With that being said, if you want to watch women with giant tits and loose morals do strange things, go for it. I don’t care. I’m not going to go on about how porn is bad. Everyone expresses their sexuality differently. Depicting sexual assault isn’t expressing one’s sexuality, though; it’s oppressing someone else’s.

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