As we get deeper into summer break, many of my fellow college students complain that being home is boring and that there's nothing to do. I manage to keep myself entertained, but coming from a small suburban town full of pizzerias and banks and not much else, my friends and I have had to get creative. Here are 8 things I've found most effective in fighting off those summer-break blues.

1. Get a job or internship


Nobody wants to work full-time, but it has real benefits. In addition to paychecks, real-world experience, and resume building, having structure to your day and less uncontrolled free-time means that you'll appreciate time with family and friends and time to yourself even more.

2. Go for a drive

Bianca Van Cleef

All my small town homies know this one. Whether you're traveling with a destination in mind or just aimlessly following the back roads, car rides with friends and music blasting are one of life's simple joys.

3. Be spontaneous

Bianca Van Cleef

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Go get it, right now. Your friend says a trip down the shore would be nice? Tell them to grab a swimsuit, you'll drive. The best memories are often ones you didn't plan, so don't let the lack of a plan stop you.

4. Take late night trips

Everything is just way more exciting when you should be asleep. Wawa runs? Fun. Wawa runs at 1 a.m.? Exhilarating.

5. Pick a store, any store

Bianca Van Cleef

With the right people, a Target run can be the height of your week. Speaking from experience, the frozen foods section has great lighting for photo shoots.

6. Cook something

Bianca Van Cleef

My go to activity when I'm bored is cooking or baking, especially with friends. This is something you can enjoy regardless of skill, because at best you'll have a delicious meal and at worst you can laugh at how flat your cookies turned out.

7. Always have something fun planned

Bianca Van Cleef

When all else fails, look to the future. If you have something to look forward to, it makes those boring stretches just a little more tolerable.

8. Enjoy your favorite parts of home

Bianca Van Cleef

Nowhere else in the world is going to have pizza like your favorite pizzeria, or roads that curve just like the ones by your street. When you first come home from college, you're so happy to be somewhere so familiar again, but as the break goes on, you get used to being back. Don't forget to appreciate having your family and friends so close. After all, you'll be back to school before you know it.