'Haters Are My Motivators' Is A Mantra To Live By

Everyone is big on mantras these days. Whether they're coming from your friends, parents or even a coworker who reads and gets inspired by them, they are all around us. Some are in different languages, while some are inspirational in an attempt to encourage you to lead a better life. After many days of research and thinking, I found my mantra.

Haters are my motivators. Although short, this phrase carries a rather large message.

There is so much hate in this world. Yes, we can sit here and say that there is love and good to cancel out the hate, and there definitely is. But in the time period we live in, there are far too many things that spark hate in our world.

This list does a good job of stating the social issues we have in today's society. While reading over these, it stunned me when I realized that most of our social issues bring a lot of hatred along with them. Politics, drug abuse, civil rights and LGBTQ+ rights are all on this website. It's definitely sad to admit, but all these things cause unnecessary hatred in the world.

We all have our opinions at the end of the day. I think we can all mostly agree that it doesn't cost anything to respect others' opinions and beliefs.

The world would be such a good place if we all just respected each other. But sadly, we don't.

It all comes back to this mantra. We can't let the hate win. If we do, there won't be any good left in the world. Yes, the hate may hurt. In fact, it is going to hurt. You'll cry, you'll mope around and you'll hesitate to go out after experiencing any type of hate.

But, listen. You will be hated on in your lifetime. It's a fact. At the time, you may think you're alone. In reality, though, you aren't.

So many famous celebrities, actors, YouTubers, models and politicians have gotten hated on, bullied and put down. Do you think they would be where they are today if they let the hate get to them? No. Definitely not.

This is why you, too, must follow the mantra. If someone puts you down for anything, and I mean anything—whether it be your size, skin color, religion, social status, how you dress, your hair color or makeup—don't let it get you down for long.

You can't stay on the ground, darling. That's letting the hate win. You must take that hate and let it be your motivation.

Work harder at school, work or at the gym. Allow it to motivate you to be kind to others. Whatever the hate inspires you to do, go do it. Let it spark a new passion or journey for you.

I'm telling you this for your own good. I let myself take the hate for too long, and it caused me so much unbearable sadness. This mantra has strengthened me and showed me that it's okay to be hated on. And guess what? While you're over there doing your thing and slaying the game, the bullies will be just doing their hating. That won't change the world.

Although we can't control how people act, or what they say to us, we can control how we react. You have the power to stand up and get motivated.

The world is a hateful place, but we have the power to change it. So go and share this mantra (and maybe even this article). And most importantly, allow hate to bring you motivation.

And hey, you never know. A hateful person may just spark a better version of you. You just have to be kind and stay humble. It will benefit you, I promise.

Let's face it: There is an abundance of hate in the world. But, if you react to it in the right way, you can be the one to take initiative. You may just be the next big change the world needs.

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