Harry Styles Chops His Hair For Charity
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Harry Styles Chops His Hair For Charity

Hashtag Little Princess Trust.

Harry Styles Chops His Hair For Charity

On May 6, 2016, Harry Styles posted the most offensive photo on Instagram. He was holding a braid of his hair, with the caption "Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust". You can find the photo below.

Harry is one of the few good souls on this planet. He's always been super involved in Believe in Magic, a charity his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, and Louis's family has been heavily involved in. He donated his locks to the Little Princess Trust, which is a similar organization to Believe in Magic. On the charity's About Us page on their website, they say, "We provide real-hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment." We're not sure if Harry's been growing his hair since 2010 for this cause since it's gotten obviously longer, but you can decide for yourself with the following images from the past six years.

X Factor 2010

We first see the small head of curls in July 2010 during X Factor. Look at 'em... my little cherub boy.

Fabulous Magazine Photoshoot 2011

In this magazine photoshoot, Haz's hair looks a little bit longer than the year before.

Sugarscape Interview 2011

It's just keeps growing!

Meet and Greet in Germany 2012

It's still somewhat a cute lil' mop, but it's growing in volume.

Live While We're Young Music Video 2012

Personally, I believe he started purposely growing it out around this time since he was soon spotted with cute bandanas...

Take Me Home Tour 2013

...like this one. Purposeful USA bandana during the USA leg of that tour... What a little cheeky bastard.

Story of My Life Music Video 2013

We've got the quiff! Just one of the many wondrous occurrences.

1D Day 2013

Another adorably patterned bandana. (Or a scarf? He seems to interchange them.)

Where We Are Tour 2014

The wisps barely touch his shoulders! What a little cupcake.

You & I Music Video 2014

Note to self: Harry Styles's windblown hair is beautiful. Must find more images.

Good Morning America 2015

Everyone wants to touch the beautiful locks, and this GMA host was one of the lucky few that can say that they have.

MTV Video Music Awards 2015

They're definitely passed his shoulders now. *heart eyed emoji*

On The Road Again Tour 2015

It's so long that it fits perfectly (and effortlessly) into the cutest bun on the planet.

Perfect Music Video 2015

I see curls! Not 2010-2012 curls, but curls nonetheless.

Shopping in Beverly Hills 2016

Long hair, don't care.

LAX 2016

We were never expecting him to chop it all off - even with all the rumors.

May 10, 2016

And he decides to be the rudest person by wearing a hat! If he wasn't such a good person, I might sue for feeling violated.

Long story short (sorry for the unintentional pun), Harry is the cutest human bean. I'm so proud of him for putting children first when it comes to his hair. I can't wait to see 2010-2012 curls back on top of that precious little head

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