Harry Potter Memes: the memes any Potterhead wants in their life.

I don’t know if you haven’t noticed it yet, but this week at the Odyssey is Halloween week. This is the perfect time for me to show exactly how much I love Harry Potter. Ok, this won’t cover how much I love it exactly, but it will give you guys an idea.

Here are some of my personal favorite Harry Potter memes, for every occaision.

That one time Harry Potter went Souther Baptist on us

That one time Snape was all of us

When you couldn't understand what the meme was saying, but you liked it anyway because its Harry Potter

That one time Mr. Weasley was your Grandpa

That one time a meme could potentially make millions of dollars

When Harry Potter memes represented you in middle school when "Whip My Hair" first came out

This one if for the Potter Head who is always reading their horoscope

For Potter Head's and Inception maniacs alike

That one meme all the music majors can relate to

Then there’s always the nose jokes...

The meme for every piece of unwanted fashion advice you've ever received

When Harry Potter calls out that friend who can't keep a secret

Every college kid’s face during midterms after studying until 4 am and they still don't know what’s going on

When Harry Potter sums up this election

Every Potter Head’s reaction to someone who’s read and liked Twilight