With the release of the movie "Suicide Squad," many people have gotten into the hype surrounding DC's Joker and Harley Quinn. The suicide squad portrayal of their strange relationship has gotten many people to believe that Harley Quinn and Joker are relationship goals. Who are to blame these people, without prior knowledge they would seem like a great couple. Harley Quinn is the sexy ride or die kind of female, the one who would do anything for her man and would never do him wrong. They were both crazy but it worked, their relationship seemed perfect.This is the kind of female the media tells women they should be, also it seems suicide squad only showed the good parts of Harley Quinn's and Joker's relationship. But every relationship has its ups and downs, and the movie only showed the ups of this popular couple. True fans or those who've followed the batman series can point out very simple reasons why you should never want a relationship like Harley Quinn and Joker.

We are so proactive about getting rid of domestic violence as a nation, but people openly ship a couple where the man has been abusive beyond belief. Joker is quite the abusive person when it comes to interpersonal relationships as well. Even the actress who plays Harley Quinn admits Joker and Harley have a unhealthy and abusive relationship. She is usually the subject of Joker's outbursts when things go wrong for him, especially when it involves batman. In "The Batman Adventures: Mad Love" the show, there is a scene where Harley conducts the plan joker had for the death of batman, and calls him over to show him how good she can be (another sign of their abusive relationship) because she captured batman ready for the kill. When Joker gets to the hideout he is unsatisfied with the situation and slaps Harley in front of batman. As if that wasn't enough, he then practically throws her out the window of a building where she lands to the ground seriously injured. While it is true there have been instances where Harley hits joker, the abuse joker puts Harley through is not only physical but emotional as well.

A little history on this couple, Harley Quinn was originally Joker's psychologist while he was a patient at Arkham. It is often said he manipulated her emotionally to fall for him and become dependent on his abuse. Stockholm syndrome is a condition where the victim has feelings for or is emotionally attached to their captor/abuser. Harley Quinn is a clear example of this where she takes his abuse but swears to god her loves her. Even Batman commented on their relationship telling Harley that Joker doesn't love her and he's feeding her lies but blinded by love she refused to accept the truth. There have been instances where Harley has finally given up and decided she deserved better than Joker but because she is so dependent on him she ends up running back to him and the cycle of abuse continues.

This is the couple people aspire to be like, the couple that is emotionally mentally and physically damaged. If Harley and Joker were a couple in real life people would be trying their hardest to get Harley away from that kind of abuse and situation. Not only does she have Stockholm Syndrome, Harley Quinn has an unhealthy obsession with Joker. Every aspect of their relationship is unhealthy and dangerous but because of the way it is portrayed in the movie they are labeled #relationshipgoals. They are seen as the couple who are both crazy so the work and nobody's perfect so they can accept each others insanity and darkness but behind all of it, Harley Quinn and Joker are the last people to be considered #relationshipgoals. On the bright side the suicide squad can always be #squadgoals.