Hardships Of Winter In The South

In most northern states, the threat of a few inches of snow is a casual occurrence that is not even deemed worthy of a second look, let alone hours of news coverage. In the south, however, the very same forecast can cause widespread panic and crippling chaos. If you reside in the south and have ever experienced a winter weather advisory, then you are all too familiar with the mayhem that unfolds when Jack Frost pays the south a visit.

1. The initial panic when snowy weather creeps into the forecast

Even if it is only a 30% chance of a light snow a week away, southerners gear up for their impending doom. Chatter erupts throughout schools as students and teacher alike wonder if classes will be cancelled. The roads get prematurely salted, in case of catastrophe.

2. The growing uneasiness as the chance of snow steadily increases day by day

What was once a 30% chance has now grown to a 90% chance, which quite literally means that hell has frozen over.

3. The supermarket dash

The day before predicted wintery weather is perhaps the busiest day in southern grocery store history. This is the fateful time where the frightened southerners dash to the supermarket and stock up on last minute groceries, specifically, milk and bread. If you run to the grocery store a little too late, chances are, they will be entirely out of milk and bread and you will just have to hold off on eating your milk sandwiches another few days. Too bad.

4. The premature school cancellation

Now that the chance of snow has lasted in the forecast for a few days, the apocalypse is near and the schools must all be cancelled immediately. No, the snow has not actually fallen yet. No, we can't be certain it even will. No, we don't know how much there will be. Shhhhh, it's just better this way.

5. Fast and Furious 2.0

Before the snow has started accumulating, or even falling, southern drivers suddenly forget all rules of the road and recklessly tear down streets and weave in and out of traffic, all while praying to get to their destination before the evil frozen precipitation starts shooting down from the heavens.

6. The first fallen flakes

Suddenly, a hush falls over the city as the dreaded snow begins to fall. Kids cheer at the notion of more cancelled classes while parents groan and wonder if their cars will start the next day.

7. The many, many car wrecks.

Although most southerners prefer to stay off roads while there is any form of frozen precipitation, there are still plenty of drivers that take to the road regardless, which unfortunately results in many dangerous wrecks. Stay safe, friends.

8. The rigorous process of bundling up

Southerners aren't as used to the cold as their northern counterparts, so bundling up to go walk in the snow tends to take longer than the actual walk itself.

9. The mad dash to play in the newly-fallen snow

Nothing beats waking up to a pristine blanket of white on a much anticipated snow day. That means time for sledding, snowball fights, snow angels, and snowmen!

10. Retiring to the couch with cocoa after a long and cold snow day

Extra points to the southerners that are so cold they feel the need to bundle up even while inside the house. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks, oh my!

11. The much anticipated phone call

And just like that, school is cancelled all week! Even when all that remains of the snow are large puddles and muddy grass.

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