It is unfortunate, but it's always the hardest and toughest moments in our lives that show you who is truly there for you. Whether it's a death, a health crisis, or whatever the situation may be, those are the times where your loved ones and friends can and should be there for you. After all, part of your duty as a friend means to be caring.

It's during the worst storms of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you. — Unknown

Especially with things being posted on social media these days, it's kind of hard to not know what is happening in someone's life, that's if they choose to post about it. If someone posts their situation on Facebook or Instagram, especially a story post, people are going to see it. We all know with social media that you can see who viewed your story.

So, it's really easy to know who just didn't even bother to reach out in your time of need if you posted about it. But we have to be grateful for the people who do reach out and show their support. They are the most important ones to keep around you. It amazes me when people you don't get to speak to often even reach out; that is always really heartwarming.

I recently went through a really tough time and so many people were there for me, even people I don't really see or speak to often, and that made me feel so loved. I'm so thankful to have amazing friends by my side and I'm so grateful for them all.

I know we all go through hardships in our lives, but just remember how you feel when you're going through it and how you want people to be there for you. The next time someone you know is going through something, reach out to them. Check on them. Show your support. They will appreciate it so much.