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Book in Review: 'Happy Tuesday'

Your reaction to every day is your choice.

Book in Review: 'Happy Tuesday'
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What is your favorite day of the week?

If your answer is impulsively Friday or Saturday, then you might be trying to fit in (with society I mean). Of course, the weekend is amazing. Mini vacations are planned, homework is pushed off for the Sunday Scaries and you can sleep in as late as you want to. But do you really love a Friday...a Saturday... because of the easy, mindless attributes that come with it? Or is there a special part of that day that brings a smile to your face?

OR have you never really taken the time to think about it? Let me ask you a different question:

What day of the week brings you the most joy?

In Happy Tuesday, Anna Shutley highlights societies underappreciation of Tuesday's. Just like any other higher schooler, at one time she "hated Tuesdays" but after dealing with depression and anxiety throughout her teenage years, it became clear to her that her perception of each day was her choice.

"If you ask anyone what their favorite day of the week is, they'll almost always say Friday or Saturday...if you live your whole life for Friday's and Saturday's, you are wasting 5/7ths of your time wishing for something different."

The short book, (available on Amazon both as a paper copy and Kindle edition) takes the reader through Shutley's thought process during her adolescent journey. In addition to sharing her experiences so that readers can find individual lessons to take away, Shutley brings a bigger question to the table:

How much does our attitude reflect our daily happiness?

We see t-shirts, quotes, and wall art capturing this idea of "a positive attitude." But what does it really mean? It seems impossible to think that we can keep a radiant perception 24/7; life IS difficult and each day is not made up of sunshine and blue sky.

But in Happy Tuesday, Shutley understands that life can frankly… "suck". She doesn't sugarcoat the often down-played struggles and impact that mental illness brings to the table.

"I know that saying that "it will get better" is useless when you're in your darkest place and don't have the energy to lift your head off of the floor. But let me say this; I did not see the point of carrying on. I didn't want to carry on...but if I had ended my life when I thought I wanted to, I never would have missed out on all of those incredible Tuesday's."

Our attitude is a choice.

Despite the hardships life brings to the table, we do have the power to change how we see the world. Maybe we think of Tuesday and cringe our nose. Or maybe we hear Tuesday and jump up in excitement (Hello, Taco Tuesday?!). Whatever our reaction, it is within our individual power to determine that reaction.

Shutley is not a professional but she offers thought-provoking, personal insight on finding a light at the end of the tunnel. Shutley overcame depression and anxiety, and so can you. If you are seeking a quick, yet engrossing read this summer, Happy Tuesday is right for you (click here to purchase Happy Tuesday)

You are never alone. If you need to talk, please call your local helpline or visit https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ or call 1-800-273-8255 for immediate response.

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