Happy People Don't
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Happy People Don't

Inspired by Little Big Town's new song "Happy People".

Happy People Don't

There are many things you can do to be happy. In addition, there are many things you should avoid in order to increase your happiness. The likelihood of your happiness doesn't always depend on emotions, but actions as well. Inspired by the song, "Happy People" by Little Big Town here are things happy people don't do.

1. Happy people don't hate.

Like the song says, "happy people don't hate". Being jealous or envious of someone else whether over their appearance or wealth is a telltale sign of unhappiness. We are all unique individuals with different talents and abilities. Don't judge someone else's path; instead, worry about your own.

2. Happy people don't lie.

Lying may seem like a temporary solution, but unfortunately, it is never a permanent solution. It's not fair to the people involved and it's also not fair to the person lying. Hiding bits and pieces of your reality keep people from seeing who you really are. Feeling like you have to lie is a step towards unhappiness. Be honest with those around you and you'll be surprised at how much easier it is to be yourself and find genuine relationships with people in your life.

3. Happy people don't judge.

As harmless as it seems, judging doesn't only impact the person being judged, but the person doing the judging. Happy people don't judge or criticize those around them. Judging someone doesn't spread happiness to others or to yourself either. Try accepting those of different backgrounds and it might surprise you how similar we all really are.

4. Happy people don't fail.

It's easy to say you fail at something and to give up or move on. The happy person doesn't fail but learns. Instead of seeing an imperfect experience as a failure, they see it as a learning opportunity and an overall chance to grow. Perspective is everything and sometimes changing it can be the secret factor in finding the happiness you've been looking for.

5. Happy people don't steal.

Happy people don't steal. Instead, they are content with what they have and don't feel the need to take what others have. Whether this is a material item, intellectual property, or through other ways those who are happy don't steal. Happy people are satisfied with what they have and are not tempted to take what is not theirs. I promise that someone else out there has way less than you can imagine. Never forget your situation could always be worse.

The inspiration for this article came from me listening to Little Big Town's new song "Happy People" on a car drive home. Check it out! It got me thinking and maybe it will do the same for you.

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