Happy News Stories That Will Surely Brighten Your Week
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Happy News Stories That Will Surely Brighten Your Week

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up news story to make their week just a bit better.

Happy News Stories That Will Surely Brighten Your Week

Some people may think of the news as every possible bad thing happening in the world. Some people aren't looking in the right places for the optimistic aspect of the news. For every terrible thing happening in the world, it's nice to think that there's something good happening as well. With soul-pleasing, heartwarming stories, your week and your worldly view can become a bit more cheerful, hopeful, and delightful.

Classmates Step In To Help Student Bullied Over His Clothes


A freshmen high school student in Memphis, Tennessee described his first few weeks of school as a "nightmare". As his family can't afford to buy him new clothes while he continues to grow, he had no other option than to wear the same outfit every day. After noticing the student getting bullied in school, two fellow classmates gave up some of their own clothes and shoes to give to him. Noticing another student suffering and getting bullied, two students selflessly took it upon themselves to take items from their own closets to then give them to an individual in need.

Delaware Becomes First And Only No-Kill State For Animal Shelters In The U.S.


Linda Torelli, director of marketing for the Brandywine Valley SPCA discussed achieving no-kill status by stating, "The community in Delaware is very oriented to pet advocacy, so we had their support." Through TNR, trap, neuter, and return, the nonprofit organization implemented practices to reduce the risk of euthanized animals. By humanely trapping the felines, spay or neutering them, and releasing them back into the community, it saves the lives of animals that would otherwise be euthanized. With more than 4,000 no-kill communities across the U.S. perhaps Delaware is the first state to initiate a nationwide change to stop euthanizing animal shelter pets.

Grandson Takes 89-Year-Old Grandmother To All 61 National Parks


Brad Ryan, 38, and his grandmother Joy Ryan, 89, are visiting every U.S. national park on an epic road trip. Despite a family divorce creating a halt in communication between the two for nearly ten years, they decided to move past the rough time and instead encounter a journey of rough roads. As they started over, Joy spoke of never seeing the mountains or oceans and told Brad, "It's a shame I didn't get to see more of that in my life. I never had the chance to." As Brad decided to change that, they soon encompassed beautiful landscapes, climbed mountains, and visited parks such as Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. As their adventures sparked a nationwide journey across all 61 national parks, they were granted the chance to reconnect with a loved one no matter how much time had passed.

Boy Bullied For Homemade University of Tennessee Shirt Has Logo Become Official Design

ABC News

At Altamonte Elementary School in Altamonte Springs, Florida, a young boy created his own shirt for the school's college colors day. Wearing an orange shirt with a piece of paper attached to it and his homemade design of the University of Tennessee logo drawn on it, his excitement had built for days until he was able to show his school spirit. After being made fun of during lunch by other students, his teacher noticed the devastation on his face. As the teacher decided to take the situation into her own hands, she took to the internet. The post almost immediately went viral before she was contacted by the University of Tennessee. The university sent a care package to him and the rest of his classmates in support of her student. Going one step further, the University of Tennessee made the boy's design an official school shirt with a portion of the proceeds being donated to STOMP Out Bullying, a national non-profit organization dedicated to ridding of bullying. The shirts soon sold out on the university website, crashing the site entirely. As the shirt escalated surpass its intention, the young, bullied boy became immensely ecstatic and joyful by the result, as his confidence soon grew to a new level.

Animal-Loving Driver Leaps Into Traffic To Save Kitten

Microsoft News

With quick-thinking and no hesitation, a driver in Sargatskoye, Russia abruptly jumps out of his car to save a kitten in the road. The kitten ran underneath a vehicle in front of the driver's car, at which point the driver noticed while stopped at a crosswalk. The frantic kitten freezes in its place as the driver reaches down to scoop the kitten up just before oncoming traffic approaches. After rescuing the kitten, the driver safely relocated the kitten on the pavement. Without pausing, the animal-loving driver goes out of his way to go in between lanes of traffic to ensure an innocent kitten is removed from danger and placed safely elsewhere.

11-Year-Old Girl Brings Pet Lizard To Class To Ensure He's Not Lonely

Microsoft News

Bella Sellers, an 11-year-old girl from Florida began sixth grade with a feeling of sadness and regret. Her lizard, Jango, would've been left at home alone as Bella went off to school. While no one would be home to accompany Jango, Bella decided to take matters into her own hands as she secretly placed him in her backpack before she left for school. Worrying that he would be lonesome if left at home, Bella and her inseparable best friend encountered the first day of school together. Although her plan was revealed during the fifth period by her teacher, Bella tried her best to ensure Jango wouldn't be left alone. After her parents got a call from the school's assistant principal, they arrived at the school to pick up Jango and bring him back home. Even though Bella's backpack surprise was discovered, her heart was in the right place as she didn't want her beloved pet to be alone at home.

Watching or reading about our community, state-wide, or national news can sometimes have us feeling devastated or wrecked. Although there's an array of saddening, angering, or unfortunate news stories surrounding our daily lives, it's important to acknowledge the lighthearted, delightful aspects of news happening in our world. Whether it's 11-year-olds bringing pet lizards to school to ensure they're not lonely or grandsons reuniting with grandmothers to encompass a nationwide road trip, the happier news stories can re-establish our faith in humanity. As you continue your week or begin the next, be sure to remember that whenever a news story seems distressing, there will always be another news story that will make you feel cheerful.

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