Easy New Year's Resolutions Literally Anyone Can Keep

Make 2019 a year for self-love and positivity.

1. Pet more dogs

Obviously the most important on the list, should be easy enough.

2. Give more compliments

Everyone loves compliments, and you could make someone's day.

3. Remember to compliment yourself 

2019 is a year for self-love and positivity.

4. Celebrate your accomplishments 

See above.

5. Read more books

Fiction, non-fiction, any book that makes you think, helps you grow, or just that you enjoy.

6. Appreciate the people around you

Sometimes we forget, and that's OK, but always be thankful for your friends and loved ones.

7. Stop apologizing

Be confident, not everything (or everyone) really deserves an apology.

8. Try new things...

But also...

9. ...Don’t be afraid to say no

Be nice to others, but not at the expense of yourself or your happiness.

10.  Put your phone down

At least sometimes, make sure to be present with those around you.

11.  Make your bed every morning

Start your day being productive, it's good for you.

12.  Be nice to strangers 

You never know what someone else has gone through.

13.  Always leave a good tip

That's all. Don't be that person.

14.  Stop making assumptions

You know the saying, “when you assume...”

15.  Don’t take life too seriously 

Smile more, stay positive, everything will be OK.

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