15 Resolutions For A Happy And Healthy New Year That Literally Anyone Can Keep

15 Resolutions For A Happy And Healthy New Year That Literally Anyone Can Keep

At least, you should be able to.


Make 2019 a year for self-love and positivity.

1. Pet more dogs

Obviously the most important on the list, should be easy enough.

2. Give more compliments

Everyone loves compliments, and you could make someone's day.

3. Remember to compliment yourself 

2019 is a year for self-love and positivity.

4. Celebrate your accomplishments 

See above.

5. Read more books

Fiction, non-fiction, any book that makes you think, helps you grow, or just that you enjoy.

6. Appreciate the people around you

Sometimes we forget, and that's OK, but always be thankful for your friends and loved ones.

7. Stop apologizing

Be confident, not everything (or everyone) really deserves an apology.

8. Try new things...

But also...

9. ...Don’t be afraid to say no

Be nice to others, but not at the expense of yourself or your happiness.

10.  Put your phone down

At least sometimes, make sure to be present with those around you.

11.  Make your bed every morning

Start your day being productive, it's good for you.

12.  Be nice to strangers 

You never know what someone else has gone through.

13.  Always leave a good tip

That's all. Don't be that person.

14.  Stop making assumptions

You know the saying, “when you assume...”

15.  Don’t take life too seriously 

Smile more, stay positive, everything will be OK.

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10 Things That Will Strengthen Your Catholic Faith This Year

A new year means new habits, and your habits should involve growing closer to the Lord.

A new year means new habits. I have collected a list of ten things that I think can truly strengthen your Catholic faith if you are willing to try them out in this next year. These suggestions come from my own personal experience and the experience of others regarding growing a deeper relationship with the Lord. I hope these ten things prove helpful to you this year and for many years to come. That being said, this year you should...

1. Join a bible study.

For me, joining a bible study this fall brought so many gifts and blessings into my life. My bible study became something I looked forward to every week, and it brought me peace and comfort while also strengthening my faith. Bible study allowed me to grow in my faith, to read more of God’s word, and to journey through my semester with a small group of women along side me. Joining a bible study could be exactly what your faith life needs in order to take your faith to the next step in this new year.

2. Attend an hour of adoration every week.

Adoration is such a beautiful sacrament in the Catholic faith. Taking time each week to simply exist in the Lord’s presence could allow your faith life to flourish in ways you never thought possible. Prayer is so crucial in our faith. Allowing God to get to know you better through Adoration can and will lead you to get to know Him better. God wants a deep and fruitful relationship with you and this may be what you need to get that started again.

3. Get a mass journal...and use it.

Let’s face it, this one sticks out because it requires you to do something that might be uncomfortable the first couple of times. Writing in a book during Mass may turn some heads at first, but the messages you receive through the readings or the homily should be things you remember. Taking the time to write down your thoughts that come to mind during the Liturgy of the Word will allow you to grow deeper in your faith as you come to celebrate Him in the Mass. God purposefully allows things to stick out to us in scripture or through the words of a priest. Choose to start a Mass journal so that you never forget the things God has chosen for you to hear.

4. Attend monthly confession.

Confession can be scary and uncomfortable for most, but the feeling that comes over you after receiving holy absolution is incomparable. We love and want to make the Lord proud. Sins can hold us back from moving forward or living our best lives for God. By choosing to attend reconciliation with the Lord, you are choosing to mend your broken relationship with Him and start anew, ready and eager to do His will in your life.

5. Make time to pray the rosary every week.

The rosary has changed my life. The rosary leads us to grow closer to the Lord and closer to His mother. It allows us to pray with Mary and to lay our burdens down so the Lord can lift them from our hearts. There is such a strong healing power present in the rosary. Turning to the rosary in this next year can lead you to confide in God during your toughest moments and trust that His plan for you has already been set in motion. The gift of the rosary can soften any heart and is worthy of your time if you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

6. Follow Pope Francis on Twitter.

This one is simple. Pope Francis is the shepherd and we are the sheep. Everyday his twitter account will send out tweets with his own words that not only will inspire you but will also challenge you to grow in your faith. God works so effortlessly though Pope Francis. Allow his relationship with the Lord to inspire you and lead you to one of your own too.

7. Read and mark up you Bible.

God gave us the bible. So often, Catholics are criticized for their lack of knowledge of scripture and recollection of the stories in the bible. Believe it or not, the bible and its stories are very important for understanding God and His plan for humanity. The people in the bible can teach you more about yourself than anyone on earth might be able to. So, read your bible. Highlight your bible. Place sticky notes where things stand out to you. Write notes in the margins. Making the bible your own will give you incentive to go back and read your thoughts again in the future. And, when you make an effort to remember something, you’ll have a hard time forgetting it.

8. Choose a Saint that you connect with.

A very good priest friend of mine told me that choosing a Saint that stands out to me can really deepen my faith in the Lord. I have watched a mentor of mine grow to love and adore St. Faustina in the past couple of years. Even though I am still in the process of finding a Saint that I connect with personally, the impact I have seen that this makes on someone is beyond description. The Saints are such beautiful examples of faith in the Catholic Church. I encourage you to seek out one in particular that you connect with and pray for their intercession daily. Their example to you will lead you to trust in the Lord and to love the Lord unceasingly in your life.

9. Say a prayer of thanks after receiving the Eucharist.

I got this one from one of my very best friends. After receiving the Eucharist during mass, he spends his first few moments in prayer while kneeling thanking God for the Eucharist. He says, “Thank you Lord for allowing me to receive you in the Eucharist. Thank you for giving yourself to me in the Eucharist.” Ever since he told me about this beautiful prayer, I have always done the same. Praising the Lord and thanking the Lord is so necessary in our faith lives. Taking a moment to feel gratitude for the Lord’s gifts can open your eyes to all the beautiful things He places in your life, and it can truly change your outlook on the Mass.

10. Write your own personal testimony.

I saved this one for last because I believe this one may be the hardest to do. Telling your own faith story can be challenging. Writing down your journey with the Lord takes courage and trust that God will lead you to share it with people who need to hear it. Writing a faith testimony may be one of the most powerful things you write down in your entire life. I encourage anyone ready to take this step to do so. Writing down the story of your faith prepares you to share your story with others in hopes that even one heart will be changed through your witness of faith.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Ilia Schelkanov on Unsplash

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It's Always A Good Time To Better Yourself

New year, new you.


We all like to play the New Year's game of creating resolutions most of us will most definitely not keep. We hear everyone going on and on about "new year, new me" and pretend like we want to engage as well. I failed to realize what it is about the new year that makes people want to change themselves. It's as if the digit changing at the end of the year is important to us changing ourselves.

You can make a change at any time of the year, so why now?

With this upcoming year, I feel like I have answered the qualms of the above statements. I have realized it is less about a new you, but more about a better you. The new year makes us feel fresh and gives us new energy. The digit changing, it gives us the motivation to make the changes to improve ourselves. While the last year has been so generous, I want to make the next year even better.

This is not a how-to guide on how to keep your resolutions, but more on how to make them. We tend to set unrealistic goals based off of ideas perpetuated by society rather than what truly makes us happy. We think by losing weight we will feel better about ourselves. By doing this we bypass the real goal altogether, feeling good about ourselves. This can apply in other circumstances. as well. If you're a writer, your goal could be to write more instead of writing better or writing something you care about. By deciding what truly matters to us, we can set goals that guide us to success instead of deterring it.

Even a simple task every day, like making the bed, can set the tone for the day as productive and neat.

Everyone is different and having the same three goals as every other person will not help you. Think about who you are and what you need to motivate you. Going to the gym may make you hate getting out of bed in the morning, but a small workout at home can be just as effective and more interesting for you.

Resolutions are what you make them out to be. You can choose to make them something meaningful.

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