I had several reasons as to why I wanted to join Greek life at a university or college, such as this had been a dream of mine since I was in the early years of high school. Both my parents didn't carry through with college because school just wasn't for them, so neither one of them could tell me what it was like. I got to my university and had absolutely no clue what was happening, but all I knew is that I wanted to join or check out all of the different communities and the Greek community as a whole.

I moved to the university from out of state and the only person I knew was my twin sister. For me, finding a community I could be apart of was something that was very significant for me. I also found myself looking for communities that volunteered a fair amount because that was something important to me. I wanted a community that I could find people to volunteer with or even have a place that would offer me opportunities to volunteer. Greek life offered me these things and so much more than that.

I wasn't able to join a sorority/women's fraternity until the first semester of my sophomore year because I wanted to go through formal recruitment which was more than worth it. I got to talk to and get to know every sorority for what it was and their philanthropy which was my favorite part of it all. Many Greek life communities support causes like Breast Cancer Awareness & Education all the way to the Women and Children's Alliance. This is when I found the perfect community for me. I was also looking for a social aspect but more importantly a unique aspect to what Greek life could be.

Joining Greek life is one of the best things I have ever done. It offers you opportunities you might otherwise never find without being apart of the community It also offers a great support system of people that you can call sisters/brothers. Support for each other's events is the most amazing thing I have ever been able to witness. We all push each other to help support other great causes and it's the most rewarding experience I've ever had, whether it was helping raise over $208,000 for the children at St. Luke's Hospital, over $3,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness & Education or helping raise over $8,000 in 24 hours for St. Jude, the things the community accomplishes to help others is the best reason why you should join Greek life.