Life With Roommates As Told By New Girl
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Student Life

Life With Roommates As Told By New Girl

When you live with roommates, sometimes Schmidt happens.

Life With Roommates As Told By New Girl

Roommates are fun, terrible and crazy all at the same time. You have been through so much together throughout the year and you don't know what college would be without them.

1. You can complain about life and they will just sit there and listen.

No matter if you are drowning in homework or starting to feel homesick, your roommates will always listen to your complaints.

2. You share your weirdest thoughts that come to you at 2 a.m. with them.

They will listen to you and probably only judge you a little bit.

3. They always give the best advice.

Whether you can’t decide what to wear out or you're making a huge life decision, they are there to listen and tell you their honest opinion.

4. You don't feel guilty eating tons of food in front of them.

*stuffs cookies, pretzels, icing from the can, and Coke into face*

5. You can't wait to talk about cute boys.

This hot guy in your class asked to borrow a pen so you guys are basically dating.

6. They realize that sometimes you just need to be alone.

Whether you had a bad day or you're starting to miss home, they know when to let you have your space.

7. Crazy embarrassing things always happen when you are together.

Like when you're waiting for you food at Sonic, with the music blasting, and you don't see that the server is waiting outside your window for a few minutes before you notice them.

8. They understand that adulting can be difficult and you just can't anymore.

Grocery shopping, meetings and doing laundry can be overwhelming and you just have to act like an eight year old.

9. They won't judge you when your clothes start to get a little tight.

They are probably feeling the effects of late Sonic runs, the Caf, and lots of snacks as well.

10. You're together so much that they understand how weird you truly are.

When you live with someone it is hard to hide the weird things about yourself.

11. Living together has basically made you the same person.

You have slowly picked up each other's mannerisms and weird sayings and can perfectly imitate one another.

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