Life can get in the way sometimes. Life can be a bore, or it can be spontaneous. Things can be good for a minute and then everything could hit the fan. Spiraling out of control.

You can feel alone during these times. You sit on the floor by the foot of your bed, and your head kicks back. You feel so "by yourself" that it's painful to think about.

But really, you are not alone and NEVER will be.

When you think you honestly don't, you do have people who care for you. You have those, whether they are friends or family, and they love you so much. Hang on to those people.

When people check up on you, that means they love you. These times may feel like the world is falling apart, but if you get text messages from the ones asking you how you are, the world gets a little lighter.

Never let go of those people who reach out to you on their own time. Take the time to thank them, even if you are at your worst. Take a day and hang out with them. Find that time together, with one another, to feel better.

Remember, you are not alone in the battle you are fighting in. You got help, warriors, strength against the odds of life that can break us down.

With these friends, with your family, everything is a little better. The sun shines a little brighter, you feel warmer on the inside, and you smile a little bigger. Nothing seems completely dreadful with them around.

I'm so lucky to have friends and family like that. They can simply drop whatever they are doing and check up on me at the most random times. Even if my days are good, they still reach out. They know who they are and I hope they know that they are the best.

Whenever you just want to cry until the end of the world and curse at the skies, just remember that you have people who absolutely love you and would do anything for you. Please, don't lose them. Hang on.