How to Handle a Mean Girl
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How to Handle a Mean Girl

Haters Gonna Hate

How to Handle a Mean Girl
Mean Girls

This may come as a surprise but sometimes people won’t like you and they will make sure you (and others) know it.

They might say nasty things about you or write about you in a burn book, like on our favorite cinematic adventure. Sometimes they will even tweet negative things about satirical articles you post online…you know who you are. Yes, it sucks. No one enjoys being hated, at least normal people don’t. And we all want to play the heroine who trumps Regina at her own game. But do you remember how that worked out for everyone? It was catty, messy and honestly more work than it was worth.

With all that in mind, here is how to handle a mean girl.

Step 1: DON’T.

Literally, do nothing. Like no reaction. No Facebook posts claiming to be above it which are poorly veiled attempts for sympathy. No confronting them or spreading rumors. NADA!

Let me clarify that I am not addressing victims of actual bullies. There are disgusting human beings who live to ruin lives. Countless children are pushed past their limits due to others who want only to see the world burn.

I am strictly referring to those bitches people who think you are annoying, or have bad style or some petty excuse to pretend they are better than you. Well, they aren’t and their opinions of you DO NOT determine your self-worth. Got it?

I can name at least three people right now who think I’m dirt. I deal with this by not dealing with it. They want me to get upset so they can fuel their illusion of having power over me. No one has that power! No human being has the right to make you feel anything less than amazing. We are hella fabulous and if they can’t see that, then that is their problem. Not ours.

Honestly, when I see girls venting on Facebook about “so and so said this and did this and wrote this…blah blah blah”, I want to puke. Maybe I am being insensitive, but all I can say is shut up and sit down. Right now. Get some friggin perspective and learn what a real problem is. If you really feel the need to discuss the situation and look for solace, reach out to a friend or your mother. Use your support system to look for advice on how to handle the current situation. And do it PRIVATELY. Have more class than they did!

My mother has always given me wonderful advice. The two best are the following statements:

1. If you’re going to be stupid, be smart about it (this is unrelated to this article but solid advice).

2. Be mad for 30 minutes, then move on- she gave me this advice when I was dealing with my own mean girl. I called her late one night and she talked me through it. She told me to be as mad as I want right now. Vent or cry or drink or all of thee above (done!) and then in the morning, stop talking about it. The person, who I will leave unnamed, will look like a psycho who can’t move on and I would look like the bigger, classier person that I am. Boom. It worked! Yay moms!

You are allowed to be bothered by hateful comments, but giving a public reaction just gives these people what they want. It makes them feel powerful and important, especially if they have no other reason to feel this way, which is usually the case. They are sad, lonely people who have poor social skills and thrive on fear mongering, hatred and manipulation. You are buck the hell up and get over it.

I’ve done my best to remain constructive and positive but I genuinely am appalled by those cry-baby social media posts and the countless “stay strong girl!” comments. Bitch, you are strong! You don’t need some random family member from BFE telling you so. It shouldn’t matter that some miserable human being doesn’t want to be your friend. Remember that you have hoards of people who love you unconditionally and you are a radiant personality.

So, let’s raise a glass to all those who care and raise your chin for those who don’t.


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