If you have read any of my articles or have ever talked to me for more than five minutes you will know that I have love (#obsession) for "Hamilton" the musical. I can't tell you if it the amazing choreography, the beautiful voices of the actors, or the high levels of sass but something in this musical speaks to me. Most people say they don't have enough time to listen to the whole soundtrack. This is where this article can helo those souls who have yet to be touched. Today I want to describe all 46 Hamilton songs in two sentences or less! Are you ready to take this shot? Let's begin!

Act 1:

1. Alexander Hamilton

In case you thought this show was about someone else, we've got you covered.

2. Aaron Burr, Sir

OMG OMG I DON'T HAVE A FAMILY ETHER, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! Also....I have some drinking buddies if you wanna drink and talk more about smiling and not talking.

3. My Shot

Hey A. Burr, I know you said to lay low but I thought this would be the only shot I had sooooooo....ima take it!

4. The Story of Tonight

Ready to hear my drinking chant about what I am actually taking a shot over?

5. The Schuyler Sisters

WE ARE HERE TO WERK AND BE SASSY, BOW DOWN GENTLEMAN! Also, Burr gives the world's best pickup line ("I'm a trust fund baby, you can trust me.")

6. Farmer Refuted

Samual Seabury= original created of #notmygovernment

7. You'll Be Back

Hello, everyone, it's me, King George! I will be your sass master through this emotional plane ride (even though I truly have no reason to be here)!

8. Right Hand Man

General George needs a helper, and Burr is kissing butt. But then A.Ham steps in the door....

9. A Winter's Ball

Imagine the guy at the bar who thinks he can get any lady he wants. Now imagine there is four of him and one of them is Alexander Hamilton.

10. Helpless


11. Satisfied

My name is Angelica, Eliza's sister, and I saw Alex first. But my sister is worth more than my happiness.

12. The Story of Tonight (Reprise)

Remember those drinking buddies? Yeah, now they are having a bachelor party....also Burr is dating a married woman but who cares!

13. Wait For It

Hello, my name is Aaron Burr and I am the only character that you are going to be super chill with dating a married woman. Also, Usher sings my song on the mixtape, how cool is that?

14. Stay Alive


15. Ten Dual Commandments

What should be Lee vs. Ham, is actually Lee vs. Laurens......Spoiler alert: you don't hear from Lee after that.

16. Meet Me Inside

Daddy Washington comes and disciplines his boys. Also, just for clarification, Hamilton is NOT Washington's son.

17. That Would Be Enough

Eliza is preggers and tells Hamilton. Hamilton finally realizes there is more to life that fighting and starts to think maybe talking less is a good idea.

18. Guns and Ships

Lafayette! Oh...also Hamilton finally gets to be the leader of a group of men......but this is mostly about large baguettes.

19. History Has Its Eyes On You

Hey, remember when you wanted attention? Well, here you go, Ham!

20. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Immigrants, We get the job done! Also, AMERICA IS A THING NOW!!!!! #hotdamn

21. What Comes Next?

The Sass Master is back and asking the age old question, Will it country?

22. Dear Theodosia

My babies are having babies. The second generation of A. Ham and A. Burr have hit the earth.

ACT 2:

23. Non-Stop

Ham and Burr try and work together.....it goes as good as you think.

24. What'd I Miss

Thomas Jefferson pops on the scene and is about to give the new nation a ride of its money. Also, he wants to kiss a state, what is that all about?

25. Cabinet Battle #1

Hamilton and Jefferson have a tiff that can only be described as a sassy rap battle about a bank and slavery.

26. Take A Break

Eliza is all like "Hey Hammy? You kind of haven't really been around and I think you should come upstate with your family. Angelica is coming and our son, Phillip, is a little rapper!" Alex is all like "How about a bag of nope?"

27. Say No To This

(One of the sassiest songs in the show and arguably one of my favorites)

Maria Reynolds shows up and changes Alex from good guy Hamilton to scumbag Hamilton. Then her husband comes home and says "give me money or I am going to get you wrecked."

28. The Room Where it Happened

Burr is whining about not being invited to dinner with the big boys.

29. Schuyler Defeated

Burr is getting on everyone's nerves and changes his entire platform and runs against Hamilton's father-in-law for a seat.

30. Cabinet Battle #2

Sassy rap battle about helping France in their war. When Hamilton wins, Jefferson makes the accusation that Washington is Alex's father, WHICH HE IS NOT!

31. Washington On Your Side

The boys are going to try and wreck Hamilton.....but daddy Washington is in the way. Cue Bond Music!

32. One Last Time

Washington is going "home." Hamilton is fricked.

33. I Know Him

Sass Master is back for another unknown reason. But good news, he knows John Adams.

34. The Adams Administration

(Okay so there is a cut rap in this and it is my favorite thing to just randomly rap)

If this song was an Odyssey article it would be titled "An Open Letter to our piece of shit president" and it wouldn't be about Trump this time. (#savage #noregrets)

35. We Know

Remember the Reynolds money? Well.....the boys found it.

36. Hurricane

Hamilton's choices are: hope and pray that the boys don't tell Eliza about the affair or tell everyone himself. .......And here we go with the shot taking.

37. The Reynolds Pamphlet

Spoiler: Hamilton chooses to leak the news himself! And how is Eliza you ask? Let's check in with her!

38. Burn

Eliza has decided to get out the lighter. OH, MY POOR CINAMMON BUN!

39. Blow Us All Away

Remember Phillip? Well, now he is fighting for his dad's honor just as Hamilton did for Washington.

40. Stay Alive (Reprise)

I.....I'm not ready. My heart still hurts.

41. It's Quiet Uptown

Elize and Angelica mourn together while Alex......crap I am starting to be sad for him again.

42. The Election of 1800

Since A. Ham is out of the picture for a bit, Burr and Jefferson are battling over the presidency. And guess who gets the final vote to decide between the two?

43. Your Obedient Servant

Alex chose Jefferson because he actually knew what he stood for. Burr is about to get trigger happy.

44. Best of Wives Best of Women

If this was an odyssey article is would be from Alex entitled "An Open Letter to the wife I should have loved more."

45. The World Was Wide Enough


46. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

The "where are they now" song. Eliza still loves Alex, Jefferson is president, and the bank is a real place now.

And now you have been through the emotional rollercoaster that is Hamilton the Musical.