Hamilton, Everthing Else
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Hamilton, Everthing Else

Everything is sad, I cried, and now no one is happy

Hamilton, Everthing Else

As promised, the rest of the songs brought to you by yours truly and overly involved roommate.

What’d I Miss: No one missed you, Jefferson, go away. I do appreciate that this sounds like it’s from the Fifties

Cabinet Battle #1: Hamilton: calling out slavery since the 1700’s. Claire: mad that I don’t like the Cabinet Battles as much as she does.

Take A Break: The anticipation in Angelica’s voice, the joy in Alexander’s when Phillip raps. The joyful reunion of sisters. This whole song just makes me happy. Why does Alexander feel the need to point out that their kid is cool, it’s been nine years man?

Say No To This: Damn you, Hamilton. Damn you Lin-Manuel Miranda for making this so catchy. YOU JUST TURN AROUND AND SAY NO BRO. IT IS NOT THAT HARD.

The Room Where It Happens: I want to be there too Burr, you aren’t alone.

Schuyler Defeated: Alright, now you are alone Burr.

Cabinet Battle #2: Hamilton, in this moment I hate you. How could you betray Lafayette? Claire is mad that this is the only thing I got from this song but has withheld information on what I should have gotten out of it. Now I’m being yelled at…apparently, history has proved that we should not have helped the French...just ignore me, I'm an English major.

Washington On Your Side: The jealousy in this song, though, Jefferson and Madison are very whiney. Burr, though, is just there and that is my spirit animal.

One Last Time: Claire-there is nothing more important that Washington’s last address. The most beautiful rendition of the single most important moment in early American history. Megan- Bless Washington’s existence and voice.

I Know Him: The King is back!! “Oceans rise, empires fall” is Claire’s favorite line from this song. Personally, I just think when he says, “Jesus Christ this will be fun” is great.

The Adams Administration: Hamilton’s response to being critiqued is relatable on a spiritual level. Claire says it is a bad plot device.

We Know: Don’t these guys have better things to do than look up Hamilton’s stuff. Aw Burr’s voice, though.

Hurricane: Hamilton’s flawless plan is to always write his way out of things and he is so sure the Reynolds Pamphlets will save him but it does the exact opposite. Claire: It’s relatable in the least relatable way, you want to hate him but you can’t.

The Reynolds Pamphlets: IN YOUR BED? BRO! #TeamEliza (never gonna be president now, never gonna be president now). The worst part of this is that you can hear how disappointed and betrayed Angelica is from this incident. She trusted Hamilton to be better. Claire says the most impressive thing about this is someone in the back saying, “At least he is honest”.

Burn: This song literally broke me. This isn’t only because we learn to love the Eliza-Alex power duel but also because she trusted him. She begged him to go on vacation and spend time with the family. It is interesting to note that she always said she was helplessly in love with him and now he took that ripped it to pieces but she still loves him. She removes herself from the narrative, she becomes acutely aware of how obsessed Hamilton is with living forever and how powerless she is in that shadow. One of my favorite songs on this whole soundtrack.

Blow Us All Away: (You thought the last song ripped out your heart…just wait) Storytime, I was in Einstein’s when I first listened to this soundtrack and was totally into it but when Hurricane came on I got a frown on my face. Claire looked at me concerningly when I motioned that I was listening to Hamilton and slowly she kept glancing up until this song came on and I momentarily got a smile on my face. Who doesn’t love Phillip? Well then this dude shoots him and me teared up in Einstein’s because life isn’t fair.

Stay Alive (Reprise): Eliza’s pleading not only to Alexander but to Phillip just tore me apart. Counting in French will never be the same. (I don’t even know how to count in French)

It’s Quiet Uptown: I originally hated this song because I thought Lin-Manuel Miranda was giving me something else to cry over. Claire said this one rivals Burn as her favorite song and says it still makes her tear up. I think the mood, the distinct difference in Hamilton’s voice is just one of the saddest things I have ever heard.

The Election of 1800: Quit bothering Hamilton, he is grieving. (plot twist, suck it Jefferson: Claire). Claire is also hopelessly amused with Burr’s depiction of the first presidential campaign, she brings it up EVERY time we listen to this song. Claire thinks our presidential candidates should take a lesson from these men.

Your Obedient Servant: *Trump’s inner dialogue* Remember that origin story that started with Papa Washington? Yeah, this is the part where he devises a plan. We should bring back letters that are so cordially mean. I have the honor to be your obedient writer – M. Train. Claire can have the honor to comment but her name would be C. No.

The World was Wide Enough: THE TEN COMMANDMENT SONG IS NOT A GOOD SIGN!! Claire: THE EMOTION IN BURR never fails to get me. Especially his daughter. However, his daughter was 22 and married, like she would be fine. Burr needs to chill. I HATE THE MONOLOGUE AT THE END, JUST DIE DUDE. LET IT BE. That scream for “wait” haunts me because you can hear the regret as soon as his finger releases the trigger. Another fun fact: Burr spent the rest of his life referring to Hamilton as “My friend Alexander Hamilton, who I shot.”

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Not going to lie, had an existential crisis trying to figure out who was going to tell my story when I die. No one deserves Eliza, not even us. Claire: Just twist the knife in my heart just a little more, why don’t we. #KeepHamiltonOnTheTen

That's all folks. The musical is better than reading my commentary on it. Clearly, I am not a historian and my interpretations of some of these songs offended Claire because she is a nerd. I would also like the world to know that Claire's favorite President at the age of five was Jefferson. Do with that what you will.

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