Released on October 19, 2018, the newest adaption to the "Halloween" series, directed by David Gordon Green, has grossed $77.5 million. This accomplishment makes it the second-highest opening of an R-rated horror film (second to "It"). The movie, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, tells the story of the final showdown between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. Jamie Lee Curtis is also breaking records with this opening. The movie's opening earnings make it the best opening for a horror movie with a female lead. So it's safe to say the hype surrounding the premiere was definitely justified.

Having known nothing about the movie, but looking for something to put us in the ~spooky season mood~ me and my friends decided to go see it. I, for one, have never been a lover of scary movies, and this movie turned out to be the perfect movie for me. With a couple of good jump scares here and there, I was scared but not enough that I couldn't handle it. The movie itself is also littered with funny one-liners and some hilarious characters. This lightens the mood, but not too much that you're bored. After seeing it in theaters, I decided to watch the original and I can safely say the sequel lives up to the hype of the first.

The movie itself incorporates a more modern feel to a slasher classic, while still keeping its roots. Having seen my fair share of horrible sequels to classics I can safely say that this sequel restored my faith in the cinematic institution to create good sequels to amazing classics. "Halloween" incorporates the past with the present while still maintaining the thrills provided by the original. Having not loved horror movies in the past, "Halloween" has prompted me to explore the genre further.