Halloween Then And Now
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Halloween Then And Now

Trick or treating through the years

Halloween Then And Now

Halloween is a holiday spent eating candy and dressing up. Basically, it is a holiday to let people get free food, dress up and not get judged for it, and eventually an excuse to drink some booze. As we grow up from child to adult, Halloween gains a new purpose for our life stage. What Halloween was to us in 2nd grade is not the way we see Halloween now, and what better time to revisit those Halloween memories.

7 Years Old

This was the year that we finally got to pick out our own costume and didn't feel pressured to match mom or dad's costume. It was a family affair, and you went around town going up to each house being told "aw you look so cute." Mom walks you up to each door step and tells you, "only take one sweetie." Earlier that day you went to school in your costume and immediately ran out to go trick or treating once the dismissal bell rang. It was candy heaven for you, and you looked forward to it all month.

12 Years Old

This is one of the first years that you got to go for Halloween by yourself. You no longer had to be attached to your parents hips, and it was the best feeling of freedom. It was a lot less about candy, but more about hanging out with your friends. After school, you all went to your friends house and got ready together to go out into town. You had a pillow case to carry candy, and you only go up to houses with bowls on the stoop. By the end of the night, you are covered in silly string and shaving cream, but it was the best night out so far. You all acted like idiots, but it was so much fun.

15 Years Old

You are beginning to realize you are too cool to go out trick or treating. You might have a Halloween party with your friends. You all dress up to take a bunch of pictures and then eat some creative desserts you all made. You ordered pizza in and plan on just watching a scary movie together. It is a night full of laughs, spider cupcakes and a few screams in between. It is the perfect night to just chill out, but still enjoy the spirit of Halloween.

18 Years Old

Welcome to the world of college Halloween. Some are shocked by the fact that Halloween is a big deal in college, others aren't surprised. Either way you are now thrown into the concept of Halloweekend and realize you no longer need just one costume but three!! You thought your dressing up days were done, but sorry you were wrong. You now have to scrap together three different costumes from your closet in the hopes you don't have to spend money; because lets be honest we still are all broke college students.

21 Years Old

You now have traded in your candy for beer and crazy themed mixed drinks. Halloween is spent at the bar with your friends in funny costumes drinking the night away. You realize now that Halloween is the holiday that will never die. You will always be dressing up for Halloween and you come to terms with that this year. It is time to embrace the costume and now enjoy a drink while doing it.

Halloween is a day to be silly and enjoy some free food or sip on a drink. We will always dress up for Halloween, for our own purpose what ever it may be. Even after 21 you will probably be dressing up to match your own kids one day. Halloween is a great day to embrace your creative side. So, go and enjoy your day what ever way you want. Stay safe and eat all the candy you can get your hands on.

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