10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas, Because It's A Little Hard To Go As 'Procrastination'

10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas, Because It's A Little Hard To Go As 'Procrastination'

A trip to Target is foreseen in your future.


We've all been there. All of our friends have already ordered or found their Halloween costumes. They are all ready to hit the town on the spookiest day of the year. And there you are. With no clue what to wear and on a college budget. No need to fear. Here are some easy and cheap costume ideas that aren't too boring and can always be flared up with a little extra thought. Happy haunting, friends!

1. Georgie from "It" 

Warner Bros. Pictures

All you need is a yellow rain jacket and a red balloon. Literally. If you want to get super crazy, you could throw in this easy-to-make boat.

2. A cat

Black leggings: Check. Black T-shirt: Check. Black shoes: Check. Now head out to get a headband and hand-make some ears and paint on some whiskers. Easy peasy.

3. Scarecrow 


All you need is a flannel, a pair of jeans or overalls, and some pigtails and makeup. Super cute and fun and very very easy.

4. Something punny! 

One of my favorites is the "breadwinner." All you need is a gold medal and a loaf of bread. Now, lets get this bread.

5. A festive fruit 

All you need is a big T-shirt and something to make the hair accessories with. This costume is cheap and you and your bestie can be festive together!

6. "Risky Business"

Warner Bros. Pictures

Borrow an oversized button-up from a friend and maybe bust out a pair of boxers. Then, last but not least, the socks that are all slippery so you can make your iconic entrance.

7. Indiana Jones 

Flickr Creative Commons

The hardest thing to obtain about this outfit is the iconic hat. But a lil extra effort is worth it because, come on... who doesn't love Indiana Jones?

8. Mummy

Flickr Creative Commons

What I say: mummy

What I mean: just go HAM with toilet paper.

9. A literal ghost 


A white sheet and scissors and your loudest, scariest "boo" should suffice.

10.  Kim Possible / Ron Stoppable 


As some of you may know, I may be slightly bias towards these two. With a pal, or even by yourself, you can rock this outfit. Green/brown pants and a black turtleneck will never be more stylish or iconic.

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5 Hudson County Haunted Places You Didn't Know

If you're up for a scare from a not-so-typical-haunted-house, here you are.

It's that time of year again! The costumes, candy, haunted houses and decorations have all returned. In celebration of Halloween, let's take a look at some haunted places that you probably didn't know were this close to you:

“Saint Joseph’s Eyes”

Location: 511 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Coincidentally, I attended grammar school here from fourth to eighth grade. I remember hearing about the legend of “Saint Joseph’s Eyes,” but, of course, I never believed it.

There was one time during my years there when I was hanging out a little late at night with a group of friends/fellow classmates. It was dark and we could see our church’s tower in the distance. I vividly remember my friends began to scream and freak out, claiming that they’ve seen the “glowing eyes.” I, however, did not see anything, at least nothing that I noticed.

The first reported sighting was in 1924, but it did not capture people’s attention until another reporting of two mysterious glowing lights, which resembled two glowing eyes, by two boys in 1954. This reports eventually drew in over 20,000 people, and began much more of a concern when Matthew Guarini, the church sexton, was found dead in the choir loft one morning. He was the last seen trying to find the source of the lights in the tower.

If I can tell you one thing, it’s never, ever roam that school during night time. I did it once, and I swear I will never do anything like that again.

Richard A. Rutkowski Park - Elco Naval Division

Location: Hudson County Park, Bayonne, New Jersey

According to hauntedplaces.org, “The Elco Naval Division was a boat-building factory that was for nearly 400 PT boats for World War II. It is long gone, located where the Richard A. Rutkowski Park currently stands. It is said that there was an accident one day at the factory, and a boat fell off its railings, crushing two men to death. its not the men themselves who are said to now haunt this location, but one of their daughters – a little ghost girl is seen hovering around this area, constantly yelling for her daddy.”

Personally, I go here often with my friends to play Pokemon Go, and after learning this, I may never claim a gym there ever again.

Arthur’s Tavern

Location: 237 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ

Hauntedplaces.org states that, “Three spirits are said to lurk. Employees say they’ve heard footsteps and seen lights come on and off or flicker and door open by themselves, as well as clipboard flying off of a desk, ghostly whispers, and someone’s hair being pulled by something unseen.”

I am never going to this restaurant.

The Brass Rail

Location: 135 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ

Yet another Hoboken horror that has been accounted for by hauntedplaces.org: “Legend has it that in 1904, a bride who was just married tripped at the top of the spiral staircase, broke her neck, and died. The groom shortly thereafter hanged himself in an adjacent room. The bride, groom, and even some of her wedding guests are said to appear in the restaurant, usually late at night. Also reported are phone calls with no one on the line, objects that fall on the ground for no apparent reason, voices, and objects that are missing or misplaced.”

That’s restaurant #2 that I’m never going to.

The Virginia Tavern

Location: 130 Mallory Ave., Jersey City, NJ

A more local scare that has been informed about through hauntedplaces.org: “The Virginia Tavern has more than just the drinking kind of spirits, according to witnesses. They have seen apparitions and beer cans flying off shelves, have been touched by something unseen, and have detected strange odors and cold spots.”

I might as well never go to another restaurant ever again.

REMEMBER: Always stay safe and alert, never going exploring on your own! Have fun and be safe this Halloween!

Cover Image Credit: The Digest

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9 Halloween Costumes We Hope To Never See After 2018

C'mon people. Lets get more original here!


C'mon people lets get more original here! It's 2018, and people are still recycling the same costumes with no real creativity.

Here are 9 Halloween costumes that should be retired after this year's spooky season:

1. Army Girl

The oh so basic "you don't wanna fight with me" captions are officially old and camo is SO out!

2. Playboy/Hugh Hefner

We have officially paid our respects long enough, may he rest in peace. And may we invest in a piece of clothing that covers our entire body!

3. Boxers

We've definitely seen enough "you should see the other guy" captions, and it's just a waste of perfectly good drawing bruises around our eyes!

4. Nerds

C'mon. If you really were a nerd, you would not be wearing those suspenders with a crop top, that simply isn't practical!

5. School girls

Sister Mary would never approve of the length of that skirt or the height of those heels!

6. Fire fighters, policemen, nurses.. lets just keep the uniforms to the people that belong in uniforms yikes!

We've seen enough skin tight spandex costumes to last us a life time!!

7. Angels and devils and the corny captions that come with it

"Yes, it hurt when I fell from heaven.""Didn't even dress up this year"...blah blah blah, move on. You look adorable, but can def be more creative c'mon.

8. Cat..or any form of animal with ears

I don't think our beloved household pets would want to be represented in little tiny lingerie!

9. Holes

While always a nice comfortable classing, and I mean c'mon orange IS the new black. This is so painfully over-done now too!

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