Christy Carlson Romano Is Joining The Live-Action 'Kim Possible,' And Us '00s Kids Are HERE For It

Christy Carlson Romano Is Joining The Live-Action 'Kim Possible,' And Us '00s Kids Are HERE For It

THIS is the sitch.


Growing up in the early 2000s was quite the time. From frosted lip gloss to what some might call the peak of Britney Spears' career, that era left a mark on society, especially us kids. After nearly two decades, our demands have been heard. Disney has just recently announced that a new live-action "Kim Possible" is in the works.

This is not a drill. I repeat THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

While this news in itself is enough to make my Disney loving-self ecstatic, Christy Carlson Romano, the original voice of Kim Possible has just been confirmed to have a cameo in the film.

You may recognize Romano from her roles in other Disney classics such as "Even Stevens" and "Cadet Kelly," but having her come back and appear in the new live-action "Kim Possible" is something Disney deserves a lot of credit for. Romano's career includes her voicing and playing characters that shaped who a lot of us 00s women grew up to be.

For me, Kim Possible was always one of my favorite characters growing up. She was a laid-back high school girl who played sports and was involved, but she also had time for her family and friends. She was mature, witty, and found a way to juggle her double life as a crime-fighting badass and the girl next door. She showed me that sometimes being a superhero takes more than powers or gadgets.

Romano's Kim Possible taught us girls that being a hero was sometimes just as simple as helping the people around us. She instilled in us a drive to fight for ourselves. She taught us to hold onto good friendships and not to get bogged down by other people's negativity.

Kim Possible was one of the characters of my childhood that taught me the meaning and importance of girl power. Having Romano play a role in this new "Kim Possible" is going to teach a new generation of girls that same message.

Growing up in the early 00s formed me into who I am today, but it was watching shows with girls like Romano's Kim Possible that gave me the courage to be unapologetically bold, curious like a spy, and to always be a friend. That is what a true hero looks like. She also taught me that the coolest heroes are the ones with the catchy theme songs.






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15 Things You'll Always Remember If You Were On A High School Swim Team

11. What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room...


I competitively swam for 6 years of my life, my team was the Howell Sea Serpents. Some of my best and my worst memories came from being on the swim team. There were the stereotypical mean girls, but I also met my best friend during these years. She's the only one of my swim team friends I really still stay in touch with.

There are some things that people just don't understand when it comes to swimming, and they never really will unless they were ever part of a swim team. Here are 15 of those things...

1. Dreading the freezing cold temperature of the pool.


Ugh, hopping in to a freezing cold pool is the worst and leaves you shivering until the coach tells you what to do for warm up. And there is no taking time to slowly get in or you'll sure hear the coach yelling at you to "just get in the water!"

2. Trying to rock a swim cap and goggles.


Ah yes, the most unattractive style is a swim cap, goggles, and an extremely tight one piece suit that shows off every bulge and curve in the worst way.

3. Swim cap and water bottle wars

Good times before coach got there and after coach left. Water bottles were a great weapon of choice, especially filled with ice water. But if you wanted to got right for the throat, a swim cap full of icy cold water was your best bet.

4. Getting dizzy from flip turn practice.

Sure practicing flip turns was probably the easiest of the drills but you can only do so many flips until the pool starts to spin.

5. The fear of falling to your death off the diving block...

Those things are so much scarier than they look! The feeling of towering over your team mates is not any fun, it feels like you're on display for all to judge you. And the fear of falling off and hitting your head is real.

6. Dodging band-aids or other gross floaties.

Band-aids, hair balls, and other unknown floaties are absolutely disgusting and avoided at all costs. Just thinking about them makes me cringe.

7. Cool down with a stroke of your choice!

One of the most amazing sentences to come out of your coach's mouth: "alright cool down with a stroke of your choice." Back stroke was my go to, it was the easiest in my opinion and my favorite stroke.

8. Apologizing for smelling like chlorine.

Chlorine was a constant perfume and it seems like everyone can smell it but you.

9. Defending your sport!

All those football players laughing and telling you that swimming wasn't a real sport was the most annoying thing ever! Like... I'd like to see you swim a 200 I.M. in 2 minutes! Chances are they don't even know what the heck and I.M. is or how to properly swim all four strokes, if they know all of them that is.

You don't see me challenging your sport, so leave mine alone!

10. Trying not to slip while trying to get to the locker room first.

There's only a certain number of showers so if you want to be the first to get one, you better be willing to risk slipping and falling because there are puddles everywhere!

11. What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room...

Enough said.

12. Dry land = not wanting to move the next day.

2 laps of lunges around the pool. 100 push ups. 150 crunches. 5 minute wall sits. I'm getting sore just thinking about it...

13. Having a song stuck in your head the entire practice.

And you don't quite know all the lyrics, so it's just the same part on constant replay in your mind.

14. Getting super mad at someone tugging on your ankle to pass you!


I don't know about you but some of my team mates got really nasty when they wanted to pass. Its annoying enough that you have to stop swimming to let them pass, but when they use their nails to scratch or grab your ankle and pull you back its hard to control yourself!

Oh, and then when you want to pass them, you get kicked in the face! Or they won't let you! Passing can get mean y'all...

15. All the memories.

Despite it all, you'll always remember the friends you made and your favorite and least favorite coaches. You'll always have some funny stories to tell, and hey, maybe one of your most inspiring moments came from those years on the swim team.

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Syllabus Week As Told By The 'New Girl' Herself, Jessica Christopher Day

Have we ever need Jessica Day's positivity more in this week than any other? I think not.


Have we ever need Jessica Day's positivity more in this week than any other? I think not.

Monday morning, when you realize you have an 8 A.M.


That feeling of hitting the snooze one too many times. We have all been there.

When you finally get to the class you actually are going to enjoy.


Even if that means that you may have one bad grade once in a while, still worth it.

When you forgot about that one class that you needed for your major, and it is not on your schedule. 


Just keep checking that schedule plan, maybe something will turn up.

Ladies, when your monthly friend makes an appearance during class and you are not prepared.


We have all been here.

When the teacher says mandatory attendance or you will not pass. 


Honestly, there is nothing worse than those words coming out of the teacher's mouth.

When you see a Starbucks, but know that last semester you ran out of money.


I have fallen into temptation too many times already.

When you had 3 pop quizzes over the syllabus, and your roommate asked what's wrong.


She's just being supportive, but give me time.

When you realize syllabus week is over, and it can only go down from here. 


Just keep being Jess, and maybe it will go up!

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