Dear World, Halloween Has Not Even Happened Yet, Chill With The Christmas Decorations
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Dear World, Halloween Has Not Even Happened Yet, Chill With The Christmas Decorations

And neither has Thanksgiving, so chill x2

Dear World, Halloween Has Not Even Happened Yet, Chill With The Christmas Decorations

Halloween is amazing. PERIODT.

Halloween is personally probably my favorite holiday, hands down, easily. I start celebrating it the day after my birthday, which is in August (yes, I love Halloween that much). I feel like Halloween just happens in the best month. October is the beginning of the best seasons, fall is starting, the weather is getting colder, spooky decorations and movies come out, and let's be honest, who DOESN'T like Halloween? The weather, decorations, and vibes that start in October are simply AMAZING.

Personally, I love Halloween so much because of all the horror nights and movies that come along with it. What's better than a horror night with your friends? NOTHING. Let's not forget about the "falltivities" that go on as well. Fairs, the pumpkin spices that come out, all fall scents and flavors, all come out. All Hallows Eve, who can forget about this amazing day! As Hocus Pocus puts it "'All Hallows Eve', It's the one night of the year where the spirits of the dead can return to Earth." Because who doesn't want to see Michael Jackson again? Another AMAZING reason? Let's just go over all the movies coming out this month: Maleficent, Joker, Gemini Man, Zombieland: Double Tap, The Addams Family, and way more! So again, I ask, who ISN'T excited about that!

Thanksgiving is STILL a thing

Another major reason not to celebrate Christmas JUST yet? THANKSGIVING!!! Let's not forget about the time of giving and being thankful for all that we have. And to be frank, Thanksgiving is KEY to having a good Christmas! Thanksgiving reminds (almost) every one of how thankful they are for their friends and family. This leads to amazing gifts showing this appreciation! Now, let's talk about food, YUM. Hawaiian Rolls (deserves to be capitalized), turkey, mashed potatoes (personally an ew), cranberry sauce (another ew), I think I prove my point.

AND let's not forget about the historical significance of Thanksgiving. The First Thanksgiving, a celebration of the Pilgrims celebrating the first harvest. I'm not saying Christmas doesn't have historical significance, more like religious significance, but let's give every significance its own time to be celebrated.

The weather (duh)

A very important factor??? THE WEATHER. I refuse to celebrate Christmas until it is freezing cold, ALL DAY. I will not celebrate Christmas until I need to wear sweats, leggings, or pants ALL DAY, and need to wear a hoodie all day. That brings me to my next reason: HOODIE SEASON Y'ALL!!!! Us girls have waited ALL YEAR for hoodie season (well those of us who don't live in the freezing cold 24/7).

Or as so many love to call it, hoodie *stealing* season. And again, what girl doesn't want to steal her boyfriend (or friends) hoodie? We enjoy the warmth all that much more knowing the hoodie doesn't belong to us (proven fact, look it up). As I said, girls wait for this season all year, so why is everyone trying to rush it? Y'all are cutting my hoodie season from three to one month when the Christmas decorations go up this early! So please CHILL WITH IT.


Another very important reason to not speed up the celebration process? Falltivities. The pumpkin patches, fairs, horror nights, etc. Every person wants to enjoy these, so don't speed up this season! We get maybe around a month of these falltivities and then they're gone (sad face). What does November have? NOTHING. December? Okay yes, Christmas decorations at Universal and Disney are adorable, but come on!! You get FREE CANDY during October!!! Nothing is better than free things (proven, ask any parent or college student)!!

If these reasonings aren't enough, what about the gram photos! All I want to see on my TL is spooky baskets, Halloween decorations, pumpkin spice lattes, and all the corny fall captions! I DO NOT want to see Christmas decorations OR listen to Christmas music!

Movies !!

A very important side note (or important to me at least): THE HORROR MOVIES !!!!! I can not watch and enjoy my horror movie while you are playing your Christmas music!! Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber does not go with this gruesome murder going on in my movie! And with that, the Halloween classics need to be appreciated! Monster Mash (all-time favorite AND a classic), I Put A Spell On You (Bette Midler sings this BEAUTIFULLY), Ghostbusters (not really a Halloween song but I definitely classify it as so) This Is Halloween (yes, from Nightmare Before Christmas, but we can all agree no one REALLY knows if this is a Halloween or Christmas movie), and Time Warp (again, not really a Halloween song but its been played in several Halloween episodes on tv so I'll classify it as so). And can't forget about the king! Michael Jackson! With Thriller, which again, is it really a Halloween song? I vote yes.

So besides the amazing movies, falltivities, songs, weather, and historical significances, Halloween overall is just an amazing season. And yes, I just classified it as a season, and not a holiday, because Halloween is NOT just a single day event, it is a month-long celebration!! (Halloweek am I right!)

In conclusion of my very convincing (and correct) reasoning behind why Christmas CAN NOT be celebrated yet, here are my main points for those who are still choosing to put up their Christmas decorations, TWO MONTHS EARLY. Christmas DOES NOT start until the day AFTER Thanksgiving. So at 12 am on November 29th, I will make the transition from watching Hocus Pocus every day to watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas every day, and not any day sooner.

And you should do the same.

And as Winifred Sanderson says it best, "I AM CALM." (because after that last paragraph even I was telling myself to form a calming circle)

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