Halloween is one of the best times of the year; along with Valentine's Day and Easter, it is a holiday that you can eat all of the candy you want without being judged.

1. Engineering Majors

You guys are without a doubt Reese's Pumpkins; a staple Halloween candy that everyone loves. You guys are respected and easily one of the hardest majors. Which translates into one of the best candies.

2. Pre-Med Majors

Candy corn: The most popular Halloween candy. So many people were once pre-med and then decide against it once in college. Not everyone can handle your deliciousness...I mean intensity.

3. Chemistry Majors

Kit-Kats: I don't know what monster does not break Kit-Kats in half to eat them, but they are wrong. Just like chemistry, the intake of this candy has to be precise.

4. Education Majors

Pretzels: you know those people that hand out bags of pretzels instead of candy? Like, what? During Halloween, people never take pretzels and are disappointed. But every other day of the year pretzels are a delicious snack. When discussing majors you guys may get ragged on, but at the end of the day, everyone needs teachers.

5. Philosophy Majors

Suckers: do you lick the sucker? Do you chomp it whole? Is it filled with bubblegum or a tootsie roll? The world may never know.

6. Physics Majors

Sour Patch Kids: These trickster candies are the epitome of physics. Every physics problem I have ever done has tried to trick me, I am fairly certain.

7. Music Majors

Hershey's: a beloved classic. Everyone loves good ole chocolate. And I have never met a single person who doesn't like music. Keep making people happy.

8. Biology Majors

Jellybeans: *That's an Easter candy!* No one tells you when to eat what candy. And biology majors are eccentric. Everything you think we will do? We do the opposite.

9. Art Majors

Skittles: c'mon. Did you expect anything different? You guys literally need the rainbow for your livelihood.

10. Pre-Law Majors

Twix: Do you choose the right side or the left? Are both sides REALLY identical? Innocent until proven guilty, but we all know you have formulated opinions beforehand...

11. English Majors

Milky Way: Delicious and contain many layers. Just like your complex soul.

12. Business Majors

M&M's: Don't know what candy to grab out of the bowl? M&M's. Need to pick a quick candy? M&M's. Need to pick a quick major? Business.