We all love Halloween and we’ve all probably spent weeks if not months preparing for it. But after the costumes have been worn, the pictures have been posted, and the candy collected, it’s time to admit that October is finally over. So here’s five responses we all have when November starts.

Wonder what you’re going to do with your costume

What are you going to do with the sheet that you cut holes out of? Or that big long coat you wore as Alexander Hamilton? You spent so much time and money on these costumes that you wore for a couple hours. So you put them in your closet and try to think of all the opportunists you could use them again. The sheet is probably still useable. Or that big coat will probably work for winter, right? You’re also still finding bits of your costume makeup that won’t disappear no matter how many makeup wipes you use or how many showers you take. A little bit of fake blood in your beard, some glitter in your hair, a fake eyelash stuck to your jacket. Either way you do not regret having an awesome costume but you’re definitely a little bummed that you can’t wear it every day for the next two months.

Regret all the candy

You filled a whole pillowcase with candy. Or if you were really hard-core, an entire whole trash bag. So you dump it out on the floor and split it into bunches. You try to trick your friends into taking the candy you hate and snatch as many of your favorites as you can. And then it sits on your kitchen table for the next three months. You try to eat as much of it as you can. And hey, you eat a lot of it. But no matter how many Twix bars you eat for breakfast, you can’t eat it all. And now you have four new cavities.

Keep your decorations up in denial

The spider webs look some awesome! And that pumpkin took over an hour to carve! You are not throwing it out just because it’s November now. But it’s going to start smelling soon and you kind of wish that you had been smart like your friend and painted a pumpkin so it would last longer. But you’ll take a picture, post it on Insta, and keep that pumpkin until the flies become unbearable.

Get ready for Christmas

No one cares about Thanksgiving. We can all agree that Halloween is the pinnacle of Fall. And if the trees have already peaked in your area, bring on the snow! But if you’re not ready for Christmas, the stores certainly are. Get ready for plastic Santas, pop covers of Christmas carols, and the battle to figure out what that one family member really wants.

Maybe we should just bring Halloween back? Maybe it’s time to have a Halloweek. I think it’s worth the investment.